Zube Park Steamers

Hockley, TX

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Address: 17478 Roberts Rd, Hockley, TX 77447, USA Number: 281 758 8012 Website Contact How do we get there?

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The Houston Areas Live Steamers at Zube Park are a great example of community spirit, because once a month, they offer FREE rides to the public on their track!

That's right! It's a choo choo choo kind of family day out, where all ages are welcome to ride! They have three club diesel engines, which are super cool to see! These normally run as passneger trains, but of course, they also have those very special steam engines running.

It's like being back in time!

The 3rd Saturday of every month, between March and November, you can head down to this fun Houston park, and enjoy the scenic track with mini gauge engines and will delight most children.

One of the great things about the day - you can ride as much as you like! Just grab another ticket, and it's all aboard once again!

They have a new rail car which accommodates standard width wheelchairs making their facilities happily more accessible.

The park itself is also worth exploring, with some nice rambling territory and soccer pitches to the south of the creek.

So why not have a fun family day out, not only in the park, but on one of these amazing steam engines, completely run by volunteers - so you KNOW they love what they do, and would be happy to answer any questions!

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They don't operate in the rain, so the line provided on this site is the status update line, which you can call to find out if it's running!

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If you want a time that is less crowded, try and head down in the afternoon. Smaller children should be accompanied by an adult

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It's worth grabbing something in the area, or taking something - perhaps a picnic for lunch!

Healthy Eating They offer cold bottled water and soft drinks for $1

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Where is it at?

Can I get one of those?


They sell a fun array of shirts with the club engine designs on them! They also have those very popular engineer caps for sale!

Need a little extra help?


The restrooms are handicapped equipped, and they do have a special car to accommodate a standard-width wheelchair.

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When can we go?

3rd Saturday of every month, from 9am - 1pm or 2pm

March to November

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