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Zoos in Maryland

Maryland is an amazing state for kids! There are so many amazing things to do for the whole family. A beautiful coastline to explore with waterfront towns. Don't forget about those delicious Maryland crab cakes! There is a rich history with battlefields that kids can actually visit, fun museums to explore, indoor play centers to bounce away in, and a beautiful outdoors to enjoy! There are even animals attractions for the whole family. Amazing kids fun!

ROAR! That's not your tummy waiting for those Maryland crab cakes. Nope! That's the sound of the many animals you'll meet on your next zoo-tastic family day out in this great state!

Fancy that classic zoo fun? Head to The Maryland Zoo in Baltimore! In fact, here you'll be a part of history as it's the 3rd OLDEST zoo in the entire country!

For a more intimate zoo experience there are attractions like Plumpton Park Zoo with just over 130 animals. 

There are experiences that can teach kids all about conservation, and looking after our adorable animals such as the Catoctin Wildlife Preserve & Zoo, or you can really embrace those hands-on interactions as those smaller farms including Green Meadows Petting Zoo Farm!

Who knew Maryland was filled with so many animals from all over the world - and YOU are their next play date!

Maryland Attractions Map

The Old Line State

Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Annapolis, Maryland, USA town
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