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Spotlight on Jerome, Arizona

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We put a spotlight on Jerome, Arizona on this FamilyDaysOut blog!

Perched up high on Cleopatra Hill is the historic town of Jerome, overlooking Arizona's Verde Valley, and is well worth a visit as one of the state's most famous "ghost towns".

At only 45 minutes drive from the utterly stunning town of Sedona and 100 miles north of Phoenix, this 19th century gem makes a great day trip or a fascinating weekend for the family!

Image Credit: City of Jerome 

About 1.75 billion (yes kids, BILLION!) years ago the area saw two ore bodies form along a ring fault in the caldera of a volcano that also happened to be under the ocean at the time. Various geological occurances including tectonic plate movements and erosion exposed the tip of one ore , and pushed the other close to the surface.

It was because of this occurance that the United Verde Mine began extracting materials such as gold and copper from the later ore body, and it turns out that the copper found were some of the richest ever found!

Image Credit: City of Jerome 

The mines closed for good in 1953, and it was thanks to the dedicated locals that the town turned to tourism, otherwise the then population of 100 would have dwindled the town into obscurity.

Jerome became a National Historic Landmark in 1967 and today is filled with rich history, charm and style (and its been said that it also is filled with a few ghosts too!) 

As you drive up towards Jerome, you can't help but notice the impressivly imposing Jerome Grand Hotel watching you from the hill's peak. Built in 1926 as the United Verde Hospital it was at the time the most advanced and well equipped hospital in the whole of Arizona and possibly all of the Western states.

Image Credit: Jerome Grand Hotel 

However, much like the rest of the town at that time, in 1950 the hospital shut its doors and remained closed for 44 years before opening as a hotel in 1966. 

Today its not just the living who are said to stay in the hospital! There are so many haunted happenings reported that the hotel has become somewhat of a mecca for amateur ghost hunters. Family Days Out has never stayed overnight at the Jerome Ghost Hotel, but we have visited its halls and we can say that there is definitely a feeling of something there! 

Would you be brave enough to stay there?

Image Credit: Jerome Grand Hotel 

When those tummies start to rumble, a favourite of kids is always The Haunted Hambuger! Make sure you grab a table that overlooks the Verde Valley as it might just be the most impressive burger view that you might ever get! You can't go past ordering the Double Haunted Burger either, it's quite the feast!

Image Credit: The Haunted Hambuger

Can you guess how The Haunted Hamburger got it's name? Yes, just like the Jerome Grand Hotel, there have been multiple reports of strange occurances such as cans flying off the shelves and a strange woman popping up in photographs. You'll just have to visit to decide for yourself!

Before you head off, make sure you pop your head into the Spirit Room. Formerly the Hotel Conner dating back to 1898, this now-adults only venue is historically stunning and captures the spirit of historic Jerome!

Image Credit: Spirit Room

So enjoy your trip to Jerome, Arizona! Make sure you take your camera and dollars for those souvenirs - you will need both!

Main Image Credit: City of Jerome 

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