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National Parks / Natural World in Arizona

Are you ready to be amazed by the incredible scenery that the USA has? Arizona is incredibly diverse, with breathtaking scenery. Kids will love exploring the amazing rock formations in the desert, and learning about all the rich cultures that fill the state. There are plenty of places to go with the kids, from the outdoors to the cities. There is wildlife to be experienced, beautiful State Parks to explore, and fun attractions that will entertain the kids all day long.

The great outdoors is named just that for a reason - it's GREAT! Across the USA there are some pretty incredible natural wonders, and Arizona is right up there with being one of the most amazing states when it comes to nature. 

Where to start! From historic to iconic, from desert to mountains, there are adventures waiting and they have your name on it!

Kids can explore the desert and it's magic at places such as Desert Botanical Garden, or learn about conservation at Thunderbird Conservation Park. They can hike through 10,000 acres of wildlife at San Tan Mountain Regional Park, or immerse themselves in the culture of the state at Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park. 

There are petrified forests to learn about, or fish and hike in one of the many state parks. 

Are we missing anything? Hmmm....let's see....no we don't think so.  Oh yes, something called The Grand Canyon is in Arizona....have you heard of that?

The great outdoors can't get any greater in Arizona - and it's waiting for YOU!

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The Grand Canyon State

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