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A New Years Family Tradition: The New Years Time Capsule!

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Start a new New Years tradition that you can look back on with the family for years to come - your New Years Time Capsule!

We LOVE a good family tradition, and this is one that will take you back through those memories, year after year. Starting your own New Years Family Time Capsule!

We all know about the time capsules you might have done in school where everyone draws a picture and pops it into the ground for school kids 100 years in the future to find, but every year we make so many memories with our family, it's often great to look back on those memories together!

(Back in the day we had slide nights, then photo album nights, but what do we have now in the mostly digital age?)

This is where the idea of a New Years Time Capsule comes in!

Throughout the year, have a box that you add to - it might be a boarding pass stub, or a concert ticket, or a polaroid that was taken....anything and everything.

Then, at New Years, as a family you come together with your boxes and take it in turns to look at what you've collected across the past 12 months. This itself brings back so many memories!

The items that are truly special to you, pop into a communal "family time capsule" box (this even could be a waterproof crate if it's going into somewhere like the garage)

At the end of the night, you'll have yourself an amazing family memory box! (Don't forget to label the year on it!)

What's great about this idea is you're not only going through memories of the year every December 31st, and re-living the great times, but you pick a date to re-open the box together. It might be 5 years, or 10 years.....and you agree to re-open it together next New Years. Once you come back to that initial box, it's wonderful to be filling a time capsule AND going through the old one!

Imagine sitting around, 10 years later, remembering that concert, or that drawing, or perhaps the college acceptance letter. Talk about how much has changed, what has been achieved since not only will bring back some amazing memories but it will also excite you about the future.

Think about where your life's path has gone since that first Time Capsule, and how exciting to think where you'll be after you open the next 5, or 10!

Memories are so important to the process of growing up. It's what connects us to the magic of youth, and motivates us as we move through adulthood.

A family time capture is a wonderful idea, because it's not only keeping memories alive, but you're doing it TOGETHER as a family, and that's the greatest New Years gift you could ask for!

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Lisa Downs

Lisa has been a content writer for Family Days Out for nearly 10 years, and a keen travel writer for nearly 20. She loves experiencing the best of a city, discovering the many things to do and immersing herself in the culture, and sharing these experiences with others through her writing.

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