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There's Some New Fun In Town!

There's Some New Fun In Town!
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There are SO many things you can do with the family to have fun - mini golf, camping, picnics, hiking, go-karting and canoeing!

But did you know there is a NEW type of fun that is gaining popularity across Northern America? (and it's pretty cool too!) It's all about families using their knowledge, and their logic, and their wit, and it's all about escaping!

Yep! This new phenomenon revolves around Escape Rooms, where families are locked in a room, and have a certain amount of time to solve puzzles, and find clues, and crack codes in order to escape. And they are fun! Teams are given a set amount of time, and the challenge is often just set in one room. That's right - one giant puzzle is between staying trapped, or success!

There are examples popping up all over the country. In Georgia, you can find The Three Keys Escape Room, and even in Winnipeg, you can explore Codebreakers Escape Room where they have different games for different ages. The great thing about these kind of games, is that there are often a number of rooms, each with a different theme. This means that you can keep going back, and experience something different!

So why not look on Family Days Out for an escape room near you, and try this new experience that will make your family day out that bit more interesting! Good luck! 

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