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On The Road..A Guide To Road-Trips!

On The Road..A Guide To Road-Trips!
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Everyone knows car journeys with small children can be challenging and listening to'ARE WE THERE YET?' one more time can push you over the edge.


We have compiled our favorite tips below to help you keep everyone happy and entertained on a long journey.
  • Always ensure safety by checking baby-seats and seat belts are securely fastened before a long trip. They can sometimes come loose so it's always good to check.
  • Know how long the journey is going to take and plan accordingly. If it’s a long trip ensure you plan regular breaks. A good rule of thumb is one-stop per hour of travel.
  • Ensure that you also plan around feeding times. Especially for babies who sleep better on a full stomach.
  • For younger kids plan the trip around their nap times if possible so they sleep for most of the journey. That way they will arrive rested and not be cranky.
  • Pack their favorite car-appropriate toys into their own bag so they can have easy access to everything they need.
  • Make sure you don't leave their favorite comforter behind or you could be in for the longest journey of your life! I once had to return home after being on the road for an hour to get my daughter's favorite monkey.
  • With Ipads and portable video systems, it’s a great idea to pop a favorite film on so they can watch on especially long journeys.
  • Pack plenty of snacks and drinks and don’t forget the wet wipes, as you are sure to need some along the way, along with the change of diapers, etc for the little ones.
  • If anyone suffers from travel sickness it may be worth packing a couple of sick bags too to avoid any nasty mishaps.
  • Their favorite coloring pencils and books may be a good idea, although avoid felt tip pens if you want to avoid the inside of your car is remodeled!
  • If all else fails there’s always a game of I-Spy and a good old sing-a-long to their favorite songs so make sure you have a cd or two of their favorite songs with you!


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