National Balloon Museum

Indianola, IA

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Address: 1601 N Jefferson Way, Indianola, IA 50125, USA Number: 515 961-3714 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Did you know that there was so much history relating to hot air ballooning, that there is a whole museum dedicated to it!

That's right! The National Balloon Museum in Iowa has over 200 years of history ready for you to explore!

Why Iowa? You might be asking...well, not only is it an awesome state anyway, but the area of Indianola is actually known for it's amazing flying conditions, so a lot of ballooners actually call Iowa home for that reason!

The National Balloon Museum has a number of exhibits for you to explore full of cool stories and artifacts that will send you away with a pretty impressive ballooning education!

Have you heard of "The Champ Channel"? Well, once you visit you will have! In April of 1963, a man called Ed Yost (who actually invested the modern hot air balloon!) flew one right over the English Channel which connects England and France. You can check out actual footage of the flight, as well as some cool displays!

You can check out the incredible artwork of the Fantasia Balloon, and even learn about the very first free flight carrying a person, that happened way back in 1783!

There is even a display to inspire those daughters in the family - all about women balloonists! From women pilots, crew chiefs, and crew members, you can see what they have experienced and overcome - you never know what it might inspire in someone!

Are you ready to have a FLYING family day out at the National Balloon Museum?

Okay then...lift off! 

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Check out the fun Children's Learning Center where there is a host of fun interactive experiences!

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They are closed in January but additional hours are available for tour groups and by appt

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Healthy Eating It's worth taking bottled water to keep you hydrated

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They have group rates for tours so why not bring the students to the museum to learn some history!

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If you have special needs, just give them a call to see how they can offer you assistance!

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1pm - 4pm Oct to May / 9am open weekdays, 10am Sat and 1pm Sun (4pm close) rest of year

Closed only January and some major holidays.

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