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Jester Park Natural Playscape

Granger, IA

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Address: Jester Park, 11407 Northwest Jester Park Drive, Granger, IA 50109, USA Number: 515 323-5300 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Jester Park just near Des Moines is a popular park for the family to visit, but did you know that there is a beautiful and unique natural playscape within in?

Designed for kids over 5 years, the Jester Park Natural Playscape is not your average playground! Oh no...this one is an amazing play area constructed using only natural materials, such as earth mounds, boulders and water features.

This makes this fun area for the family environmentally friendly (a great lesson for kids!). They avoid plastics, concrete, metals, and even signs explaining how to play.

In this playscape, children can roll down hills, scramble up rocks, and hide in grass...all things kids should be doing! It brings them right back to nature, and gives them a place where they can be creative.

The type of play that the kids can experience at Jester Park Natural Playspace is one where their imagination can be freed, and where their learning opportunities are limitless.

The playscape have used the natural approach, so their creativity can be challenged with all the natural objects and activities!

There is nothing better than playing out in nature! Kids can visit the Forest of the Dead, and learn why decaying trees are still important. They can visit the archaeological dig and try and uncover the secrets - sounds pretty amazing! 

They can wade through the wetland and cool off, and then check out the waterfall and bubbling rock. There are even 11 mysterious petroglyph carvings that they can try and decipher! Did we mention there is a stone henge!

Jester Park Natural Playscape is an amazing place for the family - so let's go have some fun! 

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Parents must supervise children at all times

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Make sure you wear shoes!

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There are plenty of places in the area to grab something! You can also just bring your own lunch.

Healthy Eating Make sure you have plenty of bottled water to keep those little bodies hydrated!

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There are areas which are suitable for those with special needs, just make sure you have supervision!

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All year round

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