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Museums in South Dakota

A true wild frontier - South Dakota played a key role in the Wild West, and it's this history and culture that makes for an incredible family day out! From the Badlands, to Mount Rushmore, to some of the most incredible National Parks in the country, there is outdoor adventure, excitement, and great fun for kids in this magical and adventure filled state!

Did you think South Dakota is just amazing landscapes and fascinating history? Think again! In fact, South Dakota has some pretty great museums too, and they are waiting for YOU!

Perhaps you want to go back in time 100 years at the Dacotah Prairie Museum, where kids can learn all about the natural history, as well as the forces that shaped the area to what it is today. 

Kids can feel how life a century ago would have been like at the Grand River Museum, or they can delve into the fascinating culture and history of the Native American people at the Akta Lakota Museum.

Museums offer some fun such as the waxworks at the Presidential Waxworks Museum, or kids can marvel at how amazing wooly mammoths would have been at the Mammoth Site Museum!

History, culture, art, traditions, natural wonders, South Dakota has it all, and it's all waiting for YOU!

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