Fun and Easy Things to Do With Your Kids on Workation

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Workation is an excellent opportunity to combine remote work and family time. Find out what activities you can plan for you and the kids on such a trip.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, workation has been gaining popularity. It combines remote work with vacation, which gives more work-life balance. Nowadays, it is prominent because of a multitude of flexible employment opportunities, from remote Spanish teacher jobs to web development positions.

It is specifically great for families with kids. You get to fulfill your job responsibilities and have fun with loved ones. Planning may be overwhelming if it is your first time trying workation. But do not worry; together with the Jooble team, we’ve prepared a list of exciting activities for kids on such trips.

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Ask Your Kids

Parents often plan everything based on what they deem essential. And it is entirely normal. But it is also lovely to acknowledge your kids’ interests. Ask them what they’d like to do. You might also propose some options like:

•     Outdoors activities;

•     Sports;

•     Arts and crafts;

•     Tourist attractions, etc.

The variety depends on where you are heading and how much time you have. It will allow your children to do something they are passionate about. And it will help them learn to make decisions.

Consider Tourist Things

Attractions and popular places can be exciting, too. After all, if you are going to another country, it would be a shame not to explore it. It can be an educational activity and a bonding experience at the same time.

Before you choose what locations to visit, consider several factors:

•     Children’s age, preferences, and abilities. Make sure you are planning not based solely on your experience;

•     How many people could be there and what time are the rush hours? Potentially, try to avoid them;

•     Is it actually entertaining for kids, or how can you make it more engaging;

•     How can you make it more memorable? You can come up with a game during an excursion or buy small gifts for their friends at home.

Your work schedule might reduce the number of places you can visit. But it shouldn’t stop you from discovering what is accessible.

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Arts and Crafts

Your children need to be busy while you are working. If you can switch schedules with a partner, it can be convenient. They can go for a walk with children in the morning, and you can do something together in the afternoon.

Yet, there will be times when you need to focus on your job. Plan fun and safe home activities your children would enjoy. Arts and crafts are among the best options because many kids love creating something.

Buy enough supplies for drawing, painting, coloring, or making Lego castles. Older children might love modeling or doing puzzles. And make sure you can participate in it after you finish your work.

For instance, you can create an outline for them to color or build upon. Or, on the contrary, you can take their art and turn it into something spectacular.

Outdoors Activities

There is nothing like reconnecting with nature during a workation. That’s why it would be fantastic to incorporate some outdoor activities into your trip.

Opportunities depend on where you are going and what you like to do. You can go to the beach with kids in the afternoon when the sun is not too harsh. You can play badminton or make sand figures.

Or you can go camping as a family. If you are an avid camper, you can teach your kids about core rules and measures. You can sit by the campfire and even cook dinner there.

Another option is hiking. But make sure to choose beginner-level routes so that your children can follow.

2 girls in a hammock

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Do Chores Together

At first, it doesn’t sound too exciting. But it is a great way to involve your children in household chores while spending time together.

It is essential to let them participate and acknowledge their accomplishments. Give them small tasks they can manage while you are working together. You can try cooking or baking as a family. Or you can get groceries as if it was a scavenger hunt.

You can come up with a reward system for children—for instance, stars or points for doing chores.


There might be days when you are too tired to go for a hike or explore historical sites. Yet, it would be best if you spent time with your family. Reading together can be a valid option. Of course, you can have a movie night.

But reading with parents can help develop a passion for this activity in kids. You can read to them and talk about the story. After that, you can create art based on that together. 


An excellent activity is playing sports. It is exciting, competitive, and bonding. You can try different things, from football to tennis. It keeps your family active and gives children an opportunity to love physical exercise.

Optionally, you can go to a public place together and join others for a game. It might help your kids make new friends and feel more confident. By making friends, they might find others to play with while you are busy working.

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In Summary

Workation is a fantastic opportunity to establish a work-life balance. It can bring your family together and help you bond with kids on a deeper level. Please pay attention to their passions and needs and build activities upon them. Also, research what is accessible locally and try incorporating games into your daily routines.

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