Theme Parks Near Me in Memphis, TN

Memphis - Bluff City…The River City…the city of music…the city for kids fun!

There’s no doubting this fantastic city is famous for it’s music, with Graceland, Rock’n’Soul Museum and Sun Studio, but the city is also filled with places to go with kids!

Did you know Memphis was a haven for museums? The Children’s Museum (including a fun splash park!), The National Civil Rights Museum (FREE on Monday afternoons!) and Pink Palace Museum (FREE on Tuesday afternoons!) are all perfect to entertain and educate those inquisitive minds!

It’s also filled with fun things to do in nature, great for those hot summer days.

The famous Botanic Garden and the Lichterman Nature Center (FREE on Tuesday afternoons!) are both great places to visit to enjoy the great outdoors.

Want to go walking in Memphis? Perfect! The city is fantastic for those active families who love to get around on foot.

Finger-lickin’ BBQs, swinging music, and history oozing from every corner - you'll find an incredibly family friendly city that is just waiting to share it’s goodies with all those that visit!

You’ll be left saying “Memphis - Thank you.  Thank you very much….” (Kids, ask your parents!)


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