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Fun Christmas Activities for Kids!

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We just LOVE Christmas at Family Days Out, and Christmas with kids is even more magical. We have put together some of our favorite Christmas activities for kids that can make your festive season even more memorable.

You never know, you might just find some that become truly special family traditions!


Why wait until Christmas morning to get unwrapping, when you can start the night before! Christmas Eve boxes are becoming increasingly popular, and with good reason.

Inside this very festive box is everything you need to enjoy a cozy, fun, and festive evening before Santa makes his way down the chimney. You can fill them with whatever you love! Pyjamas to snuggle in, that classic Christmas movie on DVD, some delicious cookies, hot chocolate and marshmallows, perhaps even a game to play or something to put out for Santa too!

Kids can help decorate the boxes, and everyone in the family can write a wish list of what goes into it!

Great Christmas fun!


Carolling is a lost art, but one that brings festive cheer to the neighborhood. Why not use it as an opportunity to teach kids about giving? It's Christmas after all!

Pick a local charity in the area that is special to your family or what your kids are passionate about, and use this fun activity as a way to raise much needed donations for them.

Allow each child to pick their favorite carols, invite some of their friends to join in, and make your way as a family around some nearby houses, allowing kids to really show off those vocal chords!

It's not only a fun way to spend time together, but gives the children a completely selfless activity that will bring them even more joy knowing they are doing it for those less fortunate.


Why not get together as a family before Christmas, and come up with a new tradition that is unique to you as a family. It's a memory that kids will take through to adulthood, and even to their children!

It might be you decorate the tree together to a certain song, or you bake gingerbread people on Christmas Eve and each take turns in decorating. Perhaps you might write your own Christmas song together each year, or make up your own game to play!

There are so many ways you can make Christmas your own, and it doesn't have to be complicated, but the joys of having a family tradition will become one of the most treasured memories for children as they get older.


Crafts is always a great way to include kids in the Christmas preparations. Buy some blank cards, and a stack of crafting goodies such as glue, glitter, stickers, paper, crayons and felt.

Work out your Christmas card list ahead of time, and tell the children they need to make a set number of cards. Then, put on some carols, lay down a tray of cookies, and let those creative juices flow!

It also is a great way to keep the children occupied when you need to prepare the house or kitchen! Kids will also delight in seeing their incredible work shared with friends and family who are closest to them. They can even include their school teachers and friends in the list!


Celebrating Christmas at school is always fun growing up. Whether it's receiving a Christmas card from a friend, or helping decorate the classroom, so why not share the excitement!

Spend a weekend with the kids baking their favorite treats. They will love to get their hands messy and of course, lick the bowl afterwards!

Try a new fudge recipe, or little Christmas cupcakes, whatever they love.

Then, along with those classic candy canes, share the Christmas cheer around school the weekend before the holidays, where they can learn the gift of giving is the best part about the festive season!

So have a VERY Merry Christmas this year, and make the festive season a truly special one with the family!

Say hi to Santa from us!


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