Historical Attractions Near Me in Louisiana

Louisiana has a rich and fascinating history, where the past can often be re-lived, and kids can step back in time into a whole new world.

So why not make your next family day out one filled with history, and learning, and fascination and amazement?

You're in the South, so you can't visit Louisiana without visiting the host of amazing plantation homes across the state. There are the iconic, such as Oak Alley which also offer Civil War re-enactments, and there are the ones that break records, such as Kent Plantation House with is one of the oldest standing structures in the entire state!

Kids can look into life in the past at attractions such as The Acadian Village, where the 19th century comes to life, and there is even maritime history at places such as USS KIDD

The history of Louisiana will inspire you, amaze you, excite you, and educate you - so we're sure that more than one family day out in the future will be a historic one for you!


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