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Family Bowling Fun

Family Bowling Fun
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And STTTTRRRRIKE! You nailed it!

Bowling is an incredibly fun experience for the whole family to get involved with. It’s a game where you can all work as a team, or you can get a little friendly competition going on and compete AGAINST each other!

The great thing about all bowling alleys, is they make it really fun for kids.

For those little ones and beginners, the alleys often have bumper bowling so kids can be guaranteed they will knock at least 1 pin down, and not waste their turn with a gutter ball (we’ve all been there - we know how disappointing that can be!)  The alleys also ensure they have a range of bowling balls at different weights, so each family member can find the one that they are best suited to.

It’s also a great laugh! Trying to get those spares, and splits…egging each other on and supporting those on your team. It’s a great game for kids' confidence and coordination, especially when they get their first strike, or see themselves improving with every roll.

Check out what events and evenings your local bowling alley also puts on. Many have super fun events, like disco Fridays where the latest music is blasted across the lanes and that disco ball is streaming it’s colorful lights across the lanes. Some bowling alleys also have blacklight bowling - which basically means it’s glow in the dark! The lanes and balls all come to life in fluorescent colors, and it’s so much fun watching your bright pink or yellow ball glow right down to those bright white pins!

Bowling alleys are also, of course, a great place for kids' birthday parties. So let’s celebrate! You often get your very own party area, where that special birthday boy or girl can celebrate with all of their friends as they enjoy cake and party food. Yum! Of course, they can then take to the lanes and show each other how brilliant they are at getting those strikes, and have an amazing time! It’s always a great birthday party option.

Bowling is also great for the budget. Games are often very budget-friendly, and most centers offer great discounts, so just keep an eye on what is happening across the week. Shoe rental is often extra but is always only a couple of dollars. The great thing about bowling is that you can choose how many games you play, so the cost of the family day out can be as little or as much as you like.

Great family-friendly, and budget-friendly, fun!  Who’s ready to rock n’ ROLL!?

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