Government House

Darwin City, NT

Where are we going?

Government House
29 Esplanade
Darwin City NT 0800

8 8999 7103

What is there to do?

Feel the power as you take the opportunity to visit Government House, the earliest and most significant government building in the Northern Territory.

The original residence was built in 1870-1871 on a natural plateau overlooking Port Darwin. Extensive renovations conducted 1878-1879 by Government Secretary and architect, John George Knight, later to become the Government Resident 1890-1892, gave the building the shape it has today.

The grounds cover an area of 1.4 hectares. John George Knight was responsible for establishing a fine tropical grove with terraced walks in the grounds which still exists to provide lush walk throughs today.

It's not a run about attraction, but it is full of fascinating history as a building, having survived wars, cyclones and more. It's delightful in it's own way, and kids will be impressed with the Royal Rooms where both Queen Elizabeth II and at another time Charles and Diana have stayed.

How much does it cost?

Adults: Free so far we know!


When can we go?

Government House is open to the public only on certain specified days during the year, at the Admini


Any top tips?

Remember the limited opening times and calendar mark from their site.

I’m Hungry!

Picnicking is not welcome in the grounds. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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