Theme Parks Near Me in Denver, CO

Are you feeling BRAVE? We hope so, because Denver has some pretty amazing theme park attractions that might just test those skills! Of course, there is plenty in this great city for those who love that more gentle amusement park fun.  In fact, they have something for everyone!

Want to hear something cool? Did you know that the famous Elitch Gardens is both a thrilling theme park AND a water park? What's that? The sound of your feet rushing to the car? We think so!

Family amusement fun continues at places like Lakeside Amusement Park, right on a picturesque lake with stunning mountain views. Life certainly is a rollercoaster!

Don't miss Lollipop Park either - the indoor kids amusement park with those classic rides such as the train, teacup, Ferris wheel and carousel.

We told you Denver had everything from those fast coasters to the fun kiddie rides. Now all you have to do is check out before and decide what to head to first! Good luck!


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