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50 States Of Summer - Part Four!

50 States Of Summer - Part Four!
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Our countdown is nearly over….so we hope you’ve got those picnics and hats packed ready to go! Shall we just get straight into it! 31. See something unusual!

31. See something unusual!

America can surprise you, but sometimes you might see something you wouldn’t expect - and it’s a great experience for the kids! Did you ever expect to see white sand in New Mexico? White Sands National Monument is one of the most unusual features but amazing to learn from!

32. Tick something off your wish list!

Why not get the family together, and write down what you have always wanted to do….then get out and do it! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to climb to the top of the Statue of Liberty  - so let’s just do it!

33. Take a Trolley Tour!

Trolley tours are fun for kids, and they’re also a great way to see whatever city you’re in! Ever been to Asheville in North Carolina? What better way to explore it than with Gray Line Trolley Tours of Asheville - enjoy those hot spots!

34. Have an iconic covered wagon experience!

If you’re in a frontier state like North Dakota, then it’s a shame not to give the kids an iconic and unforgettable experience. Fort Seward Covered Wagon Tours let kids enjoy history, and camping fun with a whole range of activities to keep them entertained!

35. Walk in the footsteps of someone great.

History has so many influential and inspiring figures, and for kids to visit something iconic that made up part of that history - that’s invaluable! The Santa Maria in Ohio is an amazing replica of that ship that Columbus set sailed on in 1492. Pretty amazing!

36. Witness a once-in-a-lifetime event!

If you’re in Oklahoma, you can experience the amazing flight of millions of bats from the Selman Bat Cave where they cross the sky at twilight. Also, great nature rambling for kids too!

37. Explore some Chinese Gardens.

Chinese Gardens are a beautiful place to visit, to give kids a taste of another culture. Portland Lan Su Chinese Garden in Oregon is an amazing example of an ancient culture mixing with nature.

38. Celebrate America!

America has a birthday, and a birthplace - and that happens to be in Pennsylvania! Independence National Historical Park is where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and the infamous Liberty Bell is held. Happy birthday America!

39. Visit A Castle!

Belcourt Castle in Rhode Island is a very cool medieval experience, and might even give you a chance to have a family day out with some very cool ghosts too! Spooky!

40. Enjoy a classic carriage ride!

If you’re going to have this amazing and unique experience, what better place to do it than in South Carolina! Classic Carriage Tours give you that very cool southern hospitality as you explore historic Charleston - with sights that date back to 1670! So there you have it happy families - part 4 of your summer countdown… I .hope you’re bags are packed and your fun hats are ready to rock and roll! Until the final 10…!

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