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Planning your Trip to New Hampshire

Looking for fun things to do in New Hampshire with the kids? New Hampshire is one of the naturally pretty states within the USA. Known for its lakes, quaint towns, wilderness, and plenty of fun attractions for kids.

There is so much to do in New Hampshire with the little ones. It’s such a beautiful state with an abundance of glorious scenery and exciting activities for families.

One of the main attractions is the White Mountains, located in the northern part of New Hampshire, The White Mountains provide the perfect family road trip where they can enjoy kayaking, walking trails, biking, swimming and so much more. 

Listed below are some of the fun things to do with kids in New Hampshire.

Diana’s Bath

You will find Diana’s bath not far from Conway which is on the Eastern edge of the White Mountains. Kids will enjoy splashing around the naturally formed pools with little waterfalls which stream into each pool. 

Take a trip down Kancamagus Highway 

The Kancamagus Highway stretches over 56 miles and goes directly through New Hampshire White Mountains. This twisty two-line highway reaches up to 3,000 feet in elevation. Along the route, you will find stunning views across the white mountains. You are spoilt with the vast choice of hiking trails and camping spots. Along the route, you will see plenty of waterfalls and beautiful streams. 

Hampton Beach

Hampton Beach is a great place to visit with the kids. Walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the live entertainment and boutique shops. Kids can enjoy the sandy shores and beautiful views. 

Great Island Common

New Hampshire is home to the Great Island Common which is another beautiful beach with a playground and picnic area. Just a few minute’s drive from Wentworth, the Great Island Common is well worth a visit. 

Strawberry Banke Museum

A few steps down from Portsmouth is the Strawberry Banke Museum. Take the kids and tour the houses built in the 1600s and learn all about the first settlers in this seacoast region.

Children’s Museum of New Hampshire

Only a 20-minute drive from Portsmouth is Dover which is home to the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire. This museum provides a hands-on experience and features lots of exhibits and activities that are designed to educate kids of all ages. 

Prescott Park Arts Festival

The Prescott Park Arts Festival comes alive every summer and features live performances from the Seacoast Repertory Theatre. 

Mill Falls Marketplace

This quaint town is home to lots of wonderful restaurants, shops, and Mill Falls Marketplace which is an outdoor shopping area including an art gallery, toy store, and lots of wonderful clothing boutiques.

New Hampshire is full of wonderful and fun things to do. Visitors are spoilt with lakes, ocean views, and the Old England Charm. The variety of different landscapes from the peaks of the white mountains to the Atlantic Ocean provides the perfect backdrop to a wonderful holiday. 

New Hampshire is home to extensive hiking trails, festivals, farm-to-table restaurants, and gorgeous scenery. The little ones will have no time to get bored when visiting New Hampshire. With the sheer magnitude of attractions, walking trails, and beautiful scenery you will need to be meticulous in planning your trip to ensure you get the very best out of it and the kids get to see everything they desire. 

Listed below are some of the best neighborhoods to visit in New Hampshire with the kids.


Lake Winnipesaukee is the largest lake in New Hampshire and is home to Meredith. Here the family can enjoy the perfect lake vacation and take part in lots of activities such as hiking, boating, swimming or just relaxing by the water.


Cornish is an idyllic farm town in western New Hampshire famous for the gorgeous Saint-Gaudens Park which was the summer house for Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the infamous American Sculptor. 

Cornish is a popular place for events, garden parties, and demonstrations. 

Hampton Beach 

Hampton Beach is nestled on the oceanfront and is packed with fun things to do. If your family enjoys spending the day at the beach, you will enjoy the beachfront which stretches over a few miles. Enjoy the boardwalk and dining scene Hampton Beach is a wonderful example of an old-style beach.


Exeter is home to the infamous Phillips Exeter Academy which is one of the oldest and most prestigious boarding schools. Exeter is also known for being New Hampshire’s revolutionary war capital. If you want to learn all about history take the kids to the museum. 

Sunapee and Newbury 

Sunapee and Newbury are home to skiing, skate parks, lake life, and beautiful natural areas. Visitors to the area can enjoy boating, hiking, camping, and the beach, 

There are so many wonderful hotels in New Hampshire, many of them centered around entertaining families and providing the necessary amenities to help families have the most memorable vacation.

Listed below are some of the top budget-friendly picks, conveniently located, and provide everything a family needs for that perfect family getaway.

Green Granite Inn

Families can enjoy features such as the indoor and outdoor pool, gym, and free WIFI. The Green Granite Inn has its on-site restaurant and free tea and coffee are served daily in the common area.

Hampton Village Inn

The Hampton Village Inn offers free WIFI, an indoor swimming pool, and free parking. Wonderfully located next to the local attractions, the Hampton is the perfect choice for families looking for a comfortable and budget-friendly stay. 

Eastern Inn & Suites

Families staying at the Eastern Inn & Suites will enjoy access to the on-site spa, indoor pool, and free WIFI. There is also free parking for guests. Located near the White Mountains this hotel offers the perfect location with beautiful views of the White Mountains.

Nordic Village Resort 

Nordic Village resorts feature both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. There is free parking available. For families, there is also an on-site gym, sauna, and free WIFI.

Days Inn by Wyndham Lincoln

Families can enjoy a wonderful stay at the Days Inn. Families have access to the indoor and outdoor pool, sauna, and free WIFI. 

Temperatures vary drastically in New Hampshire so it’s best to plan your holiday around the temperatures that are tolerable for the family. There is lots of humidity and plenty of rain for half of the year, Otherwise, for the other half of the year, you can experience nice weather. Generally, the best time to visit New Hampshire is between the 21st of May to the 30th of September. The hottest months tend to be July and August when average temperatures reach 27.3 Celsius. 

Depending on your plans for the trip you may want to experience outdoor activities and therefore will need the best weather. If you planning on visiting indoor activities you can plan your trip for any period during the year and save some money also!

New Hampshire is known for producing lots of lovely culinary delights and farm-to-folk dishes. New Hampshire has developed lots of amazing dishes you can’t miss out on. There are plenty of delicious treats for the little ones. Everything from Apple Pie to famous cholate masterpieces. The kiddies will love treat time whilst on holiday. 

Listed below are some of the most iconic New Hampshire delights you will want to try.

Apple Pie

New Hampshire is home to plenty of beautiful apple orchards and all of these orchids contribute to the famous apple pie. These famous apples also contribute to the local apple cider. New Hampshire has a rich culture for producing the best cider in the US.

Maple Syrup

Everyone loves maple syrup and a lot of people use this in their daily lives. However, New Hampshire maple syrup is something else. In many of the eateries in New Hampshire, you can find the most delicious pancakes drilled in local maple syrup. 

L.A Burdick Chocolate 

The Burdick Chocolate is one of the most iconic foods in New Hampshire. The chocolate produced by L. A Burdick first originated back in 1987 and the store is still currently in operation. One of the most famous chocolate masterpieces is the chocolate mice, their adorable appearance combined with their delicious chocolate taste makes them famous throughout the USA. 

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