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    Awesome place for kids. It’s bright well lightened and colored. The floor is of soft rubber material. The place has inflated jumping areas, spinning balls, water bed, hoping balls and so on. My kids enjoys this place each and every time we visit. She must be having the same feeling as a adult going to brewery. Lol. Socks are must in play area for supervising adults as well as children. They have socks for sale for a dollar in case you forget to wear. You will find Yu Kids Groupon deals every now and then. Its a good deal. One time admission is $12. With five visit pass on Groupon it comes to somewhere around $6 per visit.

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    First let me start off by saying I have been to this place a few times and have always found it to be very clean, and the girls that work there to be very friendly. Yesterday, unfortunately, I found the place to be over-crowded and very concerning. Since the weather wouldn’t permit me to bring my son to the park, I decided to bring him to Yu Kids at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg. I guess everyone else had the same idea, because the place was jam packed! My 21 month old favors the bouncy and he typically spends most of his time there. Due to the amount of people, I needed to watch my son from a short distance. At the time, I didn’t mind too much as they had 2 members of their staff on the play area, as well as numerous parents. Boy was I mistaken! Because of the fact that the play area was too warm due to it being at capacity, they had the glass doors wide open (to the mall area). There was also a line out the door of people waiting to get in. Long story short, before I could realize it, my son had managed to run out, unstopped by any staff member or parent, past everyone waiting in line to get in, and got lost in the masses walking around Woodfield Mall on a Sunday afternoon. I asked the staff members for help after showing them a picture, but without sympathy they returned to doing what they were doing. When a few parents shared their concerns about the unlocked gate and wide open doors, the cashier, a rude Caucasian woman, bluntly said, “That is why you sign a waiver! You are responsible for watching your own kids!” Oddly enough, her daughter was sitting behind the counter drawing… Their doors are supposed to be closed to the mall and the gate was supposed to be childproofed. Sadly, anyone could have come in from the mall, taken a child and left; and their staff wouldn’t have cared. Needless to say, I will never go back!

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    Awesome place to take your kids…not like the center mall play area with the unsupervised bearfooted jerk kids punching yours in the back of the head as she waits to go down the stickey smelly slide….. this place is constantly being cleaned…. the floors, walls, and stairs are all padded in white vinyl. The entrance is gated and is one way in one way out which is also guarded by an employee its worth the every bit of the 9-10 bucks….

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    What an awesome place for kids, the staff was very attentive to the surroundings and were constantly keeping the place spotless and wiping things down from little hand prints and sneezes… Well worth the money and tons of fun…