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    First I’d like to tell you I had a Groupon for drop-in session. The guys working that day could not figure out how to enter the info into their computer. The actual play area was ok, but half of the gadgets were not turned on. The Groupon website said that “real firefighters teach safety skills”, and “show off fire engines, explain educational displays, and oversee games for kids of all ages”. That did not happen. One kid was moping floors, and another guy wondered around half hour past opening to turn on some of the displays. So the kids ended up just running around. One more thing, in one of the display houses “on fire” there was a simulated smoke which really smelled like smoke. I pulled my kids out of the play area. I did not want them inhaling that.

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    Fire Zone is a great place for kids. My little one is 2 years old and when I took him there he just loved it. Especially when the fireman came he was so excited that he would just hold his hand and walk around the place to look at different things. They are great with kids. I will go there again soon!

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