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Planning your Trip to Springfield

Springfield, Illinois is best known for its famous resident, President Abraham Lincoln. Springfield is a destination spot filled with war history, monuments, museums, and lots of fun things to do with kids. 

Springfield is the vibrant capital of Prairie State and the largest city in the state, offering the perfect getaway for families with children. Spend quality time together visiting the local zoo, exploring historic sites, viewings at the museums, and bowling in the city center. 

Springfield is a popular destination to visit for families with kids. The history around Springfield makes this destination the perfect vacation for families that want to understand the local culture, historic landmarks, and delicious eateries. Be ready to learn and tantalize your taste buds at the same time. 

Listed below are some great places to visit Springfield, Illinois with the kids.

Scovill Zoo

This zoo overlooks Lake Decatur which is home to lots of exotic animals from around the world. The house has over 400 different animals spanning across 6 continents, Scovill Zoo also offers lots of different family events and gift shops.

Children’s Museum of Illinois

A nationally recognized museum for children of all ages. The Children’s Museum of Illinois

is packed with hands-on experience and interactive activities that are designed to stimulate children and evoke their creative side. The museum spans over two floors and has plenty of space to host children’s parties. 

Children’s Museum of Illinois has its very own helicopter and truck parked outside for kids to explore and a real-life police cruiser inside for children to play along with and use their imaginations. 

Lincoln New Salem

Take a step back in history and walk the reconstructed streets of New Salem, the village where Abraham Lincoln lived in his younger years. See where he worked as a postmaster, and clerk in the local store and what influenced him to become the Great Emancipator. 

Lincoln Home

The Lincoln home has been fully restored since its 1860 appearance. Lincoln Home is a must-see to fully understand the history behind Lincoln as a husband, father, and politician. 

Lincoln Tomb

Within this monument lies the remains of Abraham Lincoln, his wife, and three of his four sons. At the entrance of the tomb is a bronze statue of Mr Lincoln where many visitors from around the world have rubbed their noses for good luck. 

Other great places to visit in Springfield are the Dana Thomas House, Illinois State Museum, Old State Illinois, and the Illinois Grosvenor’s Mansion. 

For the outdoorsy family take the kids to the local attractions like the Knights Action Park, Henson Robinson Zoo, Washington Park Botanical Garden, and Lake Springfield. 

Temperatures in Springfield vary quite drastically. As well as the humidity, temperatures can feel rather cold for about 6 months of the year, and a high chance of snow and rain throughout the year. Weeks, when the weather is ideal in Springfield, are the hottest months July and August. The warmest time of the year tends to be around mid-July when temperatures can reach around 88 F. Temperatures rarely drop below 66 F at night.

When traveling with children it is important to plan your trip around the weather as this impact what attractions are open and overcrowding. Be sure to pack for all weathers, as the weather can change at the drop of a hat. 

Springfield is the largest city in Illinois and is home to many historic sites. Located on Route 66 and is home to numerous historic sites. Springfield is also home to the iconic Cozy dog. Springfield also hosts the famous annual Illinois state fair which is a big hit with the locals and lots of fun for kids. 

There are many kid-friendly neighborhoods in Springfield, Illinois, listed below are the top three places to stay.

Old Aristocracy Hill

Old Aristocracy Hill is one of the most idyllic neighborhoods in Springfield, Illinois. Full of beautiful trail paths, kid-friendly parks, and lots of lovely restaurants to visit. Here you will find historic churches to visit with kids and understand the history around Old Aristocracy Hill. 


Lincoln Park has many sports facilities so would suit a family that loves to be active. Enjoy the local cycle trails, open-air swimming pools, and indoor ice rinks. If you’re a family that likes to keep fit then Lincoln is the place for you. Enjoy all the outdoor activities Lincoln has to offer but be sure to pack for all weather possibilities. 


A popular place to visit with the little ones and if you’re looking to immerse yourself in the history of Springfield, then Downtown is the place to stay. If you want to visit the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area, then visit Downtown. 

Downtown suits families that enjoy the local history and culture. Here you will also find lots of modern shops and restaurants to dine in, many of which have kid-friendly menu options. 

Springfield is the sixth most populated place in the city of Illinois. Many families travel to Springfield because of the history of Abraham Lincoln and the attractions related to him. 

There are many hotels to choose from that cater to families with children. From the quiet boutique hotel for families that enjoy downtime, to hotels that have lots of kid-friendly activities and attractions centered to keep the little ones entertained. The listed hotels are budget-friendly and perfectly located. 

Listed below are some of the best hotel options to stay in Springfield, Illinois with kids.

Inn at 835 Historic Bed and Breakfast

The Inn at 835 Historic Bed and Breakfast is located in Springfield and is one mile from the old state capitol. This hotel offers accommodation with access to a wonderful garden for the children to play in. With boutique style and comfy beds for the family to sleep in, this hotel is the perfect choice for families with older children.

Carpenter Street Hotel

This hotel is located one mile from the state capital, so is perfectly located for traveling to the local attractions. This hotel offers free transportation to the local area attractions and the Abraham Lincoln Airport. All rooms have free Wi-Fi and activities for children to keep them entertained. 

Mansion View Inn Springfield

This hotel is perfectly located and less than a 10-minute walk from Illinois Capitol. Located nearby the Lincoln Presidential Museum and Springfield Amtrak Station. This hotel caters to families looking for an action-packed vacation due to the location and amenities on offer. Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms and also has a very nice restaurant offering lots of delicious foods.

There are many foods to try whilst staying in Springfield, Illinois. As well as being steeped in history, Springfield is also famous for some delicious foods to try. Kids love to try different foods and you will not be disappointed with the food choice in Springfield. 

Cozy Dog 

The cozy dog originated as a hot dog fried in cornbread. You can find this crazy hot dog at many locations within Springfield. Kids love the Cozy Dog as a treat. If you’re lucky and happen to stumble across the right restaurant selling the Cozy Dog they have been known to share the recipe so you can try making this at home. Along the historic Route 66, you can find the Cozy Dog drive-in. 

Maid-Rite Sandwich

This signature sandwich is made with seasoned local beef and topped with mustard, onions, and pickles, and layered with ketchup. This is a delicious delight for a kid of any age. The Maid-Rite Sandwich was founded in 1926 and still to this very day, the oldest drive-through still exists where you can grab yourself one of these delicious sandwiches. 

Springfield Chilli

This Ozzy hot delight is a sure winner for children, especially after a long day walking in the colder months. Made from ground meat, tomato sauce, and lots of secret herbs and spices. Some like it super-hot but for children, it’s best served mild. There is plenty of hometown parlors where you can try the Springfield Chilli.

Giant Pancakes

You cannot visit Springfield and not try their pancakes, especially a 16-inch one! Set yourself a challenge with the family and try to eat in one go! There are lots of Restaurants selling their own version of the Giant Pancake. Some even give you a free T-shirt. Topped with a huge choice of toppings, sweet or savory. Be sure to indulge in a giant pancake during your vacation to Springfield. 

Horseshoe Sandwich 

This unique sandwich is a must and not for the faint-hearted. If you’re planning on trying the horseshoe sandwich then make sure you and your family are ready! This delicious sandwich is served with toasted Texas toast, topped with any type of meat you desire, then topped with fries and drenched in delicious homemade cheese sauce. You can find this sandwich at many restaurants in Springfield. You’ve been warned, this sandwich is calorific but so worth it!

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