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About The USS LST Ship Memorial

Do you know what LST stands for? These are the kind of things you'll find out when you take a tour of the USS LST Ship Memorial! (It actually stands for Landing Ship, Tank - fun fact!)

The USS LST Ship Memorial is dedicated to the amphibious vessel that was designed to land battle-ready tanks, as well as supplies, vehicles and soldiers directly onto enemy shores. They were designed way back in 1942 and built for WWII - so there is lots of war history here ready for kids to learn, and it can make for an eye opening experience too.

This particular vessel - the USS LST 325 was involved in a number of operations, but the most notable was of course the D-Day at Omaha Beach in Normandy.  She also took part in Operation HUSKY, and the invasion of Sicily in 1943. 

There is 70 years worth of history on the USS LST Ship Memorial that has survived, and now they want to pass on this information to you so you can share the connection to the stories that were created right under your feet. 

What kind of people do you think worked on this vessel? 

All of the tours are about an hour long. They include the Troop Berthing, the Main Deck, the Mess Deck, Tank Deck, Galley, and Captain's Cabin - just to cover a few. So it's safe you safe you'll have a pretty good understanding of how this all works by the end of your tour! 

It's worth noting that during your tour on the USS LST Ship Memorial there are 3 sets of stairs down, and 3 sets up. You are also allowed to ask as many questions as you like! It's all part of the learning!

What’s that Captain? You’re ready for the family day out to begin? Aye Aye - all aboard! 

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The USS LST Ship Memorial FAQ’s

Doing our bit

The museum is dedicated to preserving this incredible part of history, so you can help support it by making donations or grabbing a membership. They love history and educating all who step aboard to keep the story alive.

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at The USS LST Ship Memorial?

It's always best to keep some snacks in your bag just in case the tour gets too exciting and you need a bit more energy!

Any top tips when visiting?

Walking shoes are the best due to the steps and nature of the tour - heels of any type are not advised. But we know you knew that!

Does The USS LST Ship Memorial have a gift shop?

The memorial gift shop is well stocked with souvenirs that you can take home to remember your day by - or continue your learning! (your parents will LOVE that!)

Teachers corner

They certainly love group tours! Just give them a call to discuss what you are looking for, and how they can help get your students a unique education on the USS LST 325!

Does The USS LST Ship Memorial have healthy eating or Vegan options?

Make sure you take plenty of water with you on the tour - especially during summer when the temperatures can get quite hot on the ship.

Is The USS LST Ship Memorial fully accessible?

The tour does have 6 flights of steps, so you do need to be physically mobile for the tour.

Any additonal information?

During winter it can get quite cold, so make sure you dress accordingly.