Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland

Calvert City, KY

Where are we going?

Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland
9351 US-68
Calvert City
KY 42029

270 366-2301

What is there to do?

You never know what to expect in America! The people are eccentric and wonderful, which means that occasionally you will come across and eccentric and wonderful attraction!

Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland is exactly that! Offbeat and strange, yet oddly captivating, this historic folk art roadside attraction features strange art installations on the grounds, as well as it's own Toyland toy museum - of course it does!

Ever wonder how these places come about? Let us tell you a little story! You sitting comfortably? Well, once upon a time, in November 1928, a man named Grandpa Oral Wallace with nothing but a dream, bought an apple orchard and a two room house. He began producing tasty apple cider, and sold it as his own stand. It was called "Shady Nock".

Then, he built a small zoo, and performed musical entertainment for guests. In 1931, a small counter store called "Apple Valley" was built, and delicious chicken dinners were served. 

Rumour has it, it was even visited by Bonnie and Clyde!

Then, in 2005, a change blew in! And it became a quirky and unusual place for kids and families to visit and enjoy! Toyland was created as a place where everyone could come and not only enjoy their childhood, but also remember it!

There are collections of toys from yesteryear, as well as from today. Can you find your favorite?! 

There is art to enjoy, and if you like them you might be lucky and see a For Sale sign on them! 

Spend some time wandering around the gardens and looking at all the crazy art - there is an Alice in Wonderland inspired piece, or check out their deer in headlights! Watch out for the Killer Milkshake too! 

Apple Valley Hillbilly Garden and Toyland is a fun place to drop in if you are passing by. You never know what you might come across! 

How much does it cost?

Adults: Donations are welcome as it helps them stay open


When can we go?

8am - Dusk

All year round!


Any top tips?

The "museum" has a fascinating history so make sure you ask about it during your time there! It would be a shame not to. - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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