Squire Boone Caverns

Mauckport, IN

Where are we going?

Squire Boone Caverns
100 Squire Boone Rd SW
IN 47142

(812) 732-4381

What is there to do?

Sit close, get comfortable...we'd like to tell you a little story.  Are you ready?  

One day long ago in 1790, there were two enquisitive brothers named Squire and Daniel Boone who came across some beautiful caverns, formed millions of years ago deep in the earth. Later, after using the caves to hide out from Indians, he considered the site holy ground and came to spend the rest of his life in the area.  He is even now laid to rest within the caves.  

Then, many years later, families looking for fun activities to do with each other, come to visit the caves and marvel at the incredbile formations that surround them.  They walk under the stalactites hanging strong from the cavern ceiling, and the stalagmites that seem to pierce the ground from below.  They even walk over two beautiful waterfalls, with their knowledgable tour guide telling the story of the history of the caverns over their one hour tour.

After the tour, the family enjoy the rest of their day back up on land in The Village, a fun and enjoyable collection of old time shops and activities.  Mum loved the candle dipping in Hannah Boones Candle Shop - she even dipped her own candle!  Dad loved the Gristmill - the 1800s corn mill which continues to use water power to make the corn mix still used today, and the kids loved the Bakery, filled with delicious freshly baked cookies and brownies, as well as the tastily named Candy Cabin which produes yummy old fashioned candies.

After their fun experience in The Village, the whole family set out onto the many hiking trails which adorn the area, followed by a beautiful picnic lunch.

Did you enjoy that story?  Well, if only there were a place where all of that could really happen....

How much does it cost?

Adults: $16

Children: $8.50 (ages 6-11)

Discount: $14 for seniors

Free Under: 6


Need a little extra help?

There are 73 steps in a vertical spiral staircase which needs to be descended to enter the cavern system, so the best option is to call ahead of time to see how your visit might be assisted.


When can we go?

Opening and tour times vary depending on the season.

The Caverns are operating all year round. The village only operates in Summer


Any top tips?

The cave is 54 degrees all year round so even during the summer months, make sure you bring a light jacket and comfortable shoes for all the steps!

I’m Hungry!

All that time in the dark can work up an appetite! For some special treats the Bakery has delicious freshly baked cookies and brownies, as well as a range of sandwiches, chips, tea and soft drinks. In addition, there is a concession stand with chips, crackers and soft drinks, as well as two lovely picnic areas should you wish to bring you own lunch.

Healthy Eating

The bakery serves some healthy sandwich options.

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