Bluespring Caverns Park

Bedford, IN

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Address: 1459 Blue Springs Cavern Rd, Bedford, IN 47421, USA Number: 812-279-9471 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Adventure doesn't have to be above ground, with weather sometimes hindering even the best plans. Certainly not if you are having your adventure UNDERGROUND! That's exactly what you can do at Bluespring Caverns in Indiana.

Here, you can enjoy fun tours along an underground river, great especially for those older kids. The caverns and chambers were formed millions of years ago, so kids can get a sense of history, and learn all about the caverns and geology whilst they have an amazing time!

These hour long tours can take you right up close to some of the incredible formations in the Bluespring Cavern. It's fun to look at too, because the passages and water-courses have all been lit up by light that follows your boat through the darkness. Pretty cool!

Kids - just imagine what the first explorers would have seen and felt as they went through the darkness - just like you're going to do!

You might even spot some of the elusive (and pretty rare) bline cavefish, or perhaps a blind crayfish in search of food. Don't forget to look up, as there are bats in the cavern too!

During the wet period, along your tour you will see and hear the immense power of the underground river.

It's an amazing feat of nature!

Whilst the younger kids might not feel too comfortable sitting on a boat for up to 50 minues, there are fun activities for them above ground too, including exploring the Myst'ry River Gemstone Mine where they might be able to find semi-precious gems! The gift shop is also fun to explore too. 

Great exploration all round at one of Indiana's favorite natural wonders - Bluespring Caverns Park!

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$8 (Ages 3 to 15)


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2 years


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They have free parking

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Don't forget to check out one of Indiana's largest sinkholes (across 15 acres!) during your stay

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They have picnic areas in the park so you can bring your own food and enjoy a family lunch out in nature!

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Teachers corner


They offer overnight experiences for groups, as well as field trip rates. Additional extras include the gemstone experience and the sinkhole experience! Teachers are complimentary.

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The gift shop in the visitor center is a great place to pick up unique gifts and souvenirs - and you might also take home some gems that you find!

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Give them a call to discuss the accessibility of the

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All year round

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