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Boston is having a tea party and YOU are invited!

Family Days Out were lucky enough to head to the amazing Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum in the stunning Massachusetts capital, and we certainly had a great time. They have successfully created an experience where you can not only learn about this fascinating history, but feel part of it too (and yes, you can throw tea overboard!)
How about we backtrack? Kids, settle in, because we're about to give you a history lesson.

On the 16th December, 1773 (and no kids, they didn't have iPhones then), something happened that was considered "the single most important event leading up to the American Revolution". In fact, if this event didn't take place, the USA might still be British!

The Boston Tea Party was the culmination of a resistance movement throughout British America against the Tea Act, which was passed by the British Parliament in 1883. Colonists objected (also known as Patriots), and as a result through over 340 chests of tea from the British East India Company overboard. (It had a value of about $1.5 million! Eeeek!)

Today, you can experience all of this history right on the same body of water where this historic event occurred over 240 years ago.

To experience the museum you have to be part of a tour, and these last around an hour. First, you are taken to the Meeting House where actors, with the help of guests (yes, we mean you!) tell the story leading up to that infamous night. You can even hear the speech of Samuel Adams protesting the tax!

Once the scene has been set, you actually step aboard a historically accurate replica of one of the ships that took part. We found ourselves on the Eleanor and it really felt like you were back in the 18th century! Kids, keep an eye out for the Captain on the ship (and those keen eyes children might spot some little rats too!)

Here, kids can really get a sense of what life would have been like on the ship, and you can even throw your own chest of tea overboard. It's super fun!

Moving into the museum, you can really feel history come to life as you can see an actual tea chest that was involved in the Boston Tea Party. In fact, it's the ONLY known tea chest that exists! It's pretty special!

There is even a test tube of actual tea too. How incredible!

A fun part of the tour is when the portraits of Samuel Adams and King George III come to life and recite actual written correspondence between the two.

Finishing up in Abigail's Tea Room, you can actually try the blends of tea that were lost on that December night. There are five to choose from, and each one just as delicious as the last!

If you're in town in December, it's worth checking out the Annual Reenactment too! The whole museum comes to life, and it's an invitation to the general public to participate and send loose tea to be thrown into Boston Harbor. A fiery debate kicks off the event, and then watch the fun begin!

Overall, the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is well worth a visit. Not only is it located in a stunning party of the harbor, but it really makes learning and history fun for kids. Plus there's a super cool gift shop too, which we love!

Online Pricing:

Adult: $28.45 / Child: $17.10

At the door pricing:

Adult: $29.95 / Child: $18

Kids under 4 go FREE!

Fun Fact: Any Massachusetts resident is eligible for a FREE ticket to the museum with they bring along someone who purchases a full price adult ticket

Find out more at their OFFICIAL WEBSITE

Or check out their page on FAMILY DAYS OUT

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