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Let The Kids Re-Live Your Childhood!

Let The Kids Re-Live Your Childhood!
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We celebrate a lot of things across the USA each year - from Thanksgiving to July 4th, and the Fall Season.

But why not make this summer all about YOUR family. Parents - you were kids once. You played ball in the street and played chase in the field. You met your friends at the corner store and hid from that neighbor that you used to play knock and run with.

This summer, why don't you re-live your childhood, and take your kids to where you grew up. Take them to places where you can say "when I was the age you are now...". Show them your elementary school, where you had your first kiss. Take them to the place you met your date for prom.

Show them the diamond where you hit your first home run. Introduce them to YOUR childhood, and if that means taking a weekend, or a week, out of the holidays to make a road trip out of it, then all the better! Kids are creating memories every day, and one day they will look back on these years with fond memories, with "I wonder what happened to them" passing thoughts, and they will remember when their Mom and Dad showed them what they loved about their childhood.

Then one day, they can take their kids to where you are taking them now, to where they had their first ice cream, and where they had their first crush. Make it the summer of families, and make it the summer of YOU.

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