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Address: 2500 Zoo Dr, San Diego, CA 92101, USA Number: 760 747 8702 Website Contact How do we get there?

What is there to do?

Want to visit one of the biggest and most popular zoos in the world? Then head to San Diego! San Diego Zoo is an amazing zoo - FILLED with animals from all over the world. Nearly 4,000 in fact!

These 4,000 animals represent around 800 species, so you can see already how much of a great learning experience it will be for kids. 

You don't need to travel to China to see a sweet giant panda up close - just head to San Diego Zoo! Kids, you don't need to fly all the way to Asia to spy the mysterious Snow Leopard - just head to San Diego Zoo! Don't fancy a trip to the amazon to look into the eyes of a giant anaconda? You don't have to - just head...that's right...to San Diego Zoo!

San Diego Zoo is more than just learning and watching the animals - they have some amazing activities and experiences that the whole family will never forget! 

The guided bus tour gives you a 35 minute narrated tour on a fun double decker bus which can show you around 70% of the zoo. Not a bad way to check out everything before you focus on the areas that you want!

Want to see the zoo from another angle? How about the air! No, you don't have to fly! Just jump on the Skyfari and soar over the treetops and look at all the animals below you! 

Across the day there are amazing animals encounters too, from petting paddocks to keeper talks - all great ways to experience the animals from a different point of view. 

Don't forget about the new Tiger Trail with truly unique viewing opportunities, including a log walk challenge for aerial observation! Plus see them playing in the waterfall and an underwater observation station allows you to see them swimming in their pool from beneath the surface! Amazing!

Have a ROAR-ing time!!!!

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$63 - $71 for one day pass, online offer



Ages 3 to 11: $53 - $61 for one day pass, online offer



Multi day passes available


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2 years


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Tours and other experiences available for additional fees

Any top tips?


Check out what animal encounters and talks are on during the day of your visit in the morning, then you can plan your day around what you don't want to miss!

I'm Hungry!


You certainly won't go hungry! From a restaurant in a treehouse, to a tasty grill, Asian faire and cafes to get those snacks and treats, there is plenty to enjoy at the zoo!

Healthy Eating There are plenty of salad and heathy choices - particularly the San Diego Zoo Sandwich Co. with salads and sandwiches

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Where is it at?


Directions from the NORTH (southbound): From Interstate 5 (Los Angeles and Orange County), take the Pershing Drive exit and follow the signs. From Interstate 15 (Escondido and Riverside), take State Route 163 south to the Park Blvd./I-5 South exit. Exit at Park Blvd. Turn left on Park Blvd. and head north; Zoo entrance is off Park Blvd. at Zoo Place.

Directions from the SOUTH (northbound): From Interstate 5 (Mexico), take the State Route 163 north exit, then the Zoo/Museums (Richmond Street) exit and follow the signs.

Directions from the EAST (westbound): From Interstate 8 (Imperial County and Arizona), take State Route 163 south to the Park Blvd./I-5 South exit. Exit at Park Blvd. Turn left on Park Blvd. and head north; Zoo entrance is off Park Blvd at Zoo Place. From State Route 94, proceed into downtown San Diego to 12th Avenue. Turn right on 12th Avenue (which turns into Park Blvd.) and proceed north. Zoo entrance is off Park Blvd at Zoo Place.

Teachers corner


The zoo is completely equipped for students! From field trips, to classroom kits and outdoor classrooms, it would be a shame if students didn't go and experience it!

Can I get one of those?


Get those pennies out because there is a general store for all your needs for the day, including hats and sunscreen, then there is the KidsStore and Zoo Store where you can get all your fun gifts and toys!

Need a little extra help?


The zoo has accessible parking spaces, restrooms and access to shows - so everyone can enjoy the experience!

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When can we go?

9am - 6pm currently, but hours seasonally

Year round - including holidays!

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