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Big Family Fun In Texas

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It may be called The Lone Star state, but there's certainly nothing lonely about the second-biggest state in the USA!

Of course, we're talking about Texas where, as they say, everything is bigger!

Texas is an incredible place for kids and their families, and contrary to what you might think, it's not all longhorn cattle and cowboy boots (although of course they do exist and when you do experience the cowboy culture they will make you feel mighty welcome!)

Texas is a state that will always surprise you. Why? Because it's so diverse! Take the weather - did you know you could even get ice and snow in some parts! It's not all heat and desert!

Want a trip to the beach? Sure! Fancy some time in the mountains? Just say when! Maybe you want to indulge in some history? That's very possible! (Something called the "The Alamo" rings a bell...)

Texas is great for camping, enjoying the outdoors, and soaking up that true southern hospitality. Yet it also offers a host of fun indoor attractions, as well as exciting experiences for the whole family - now that's what we like to hear!

Did you know there are over 125 lakes spread across the entire state, just waiting for those keen, active families to get out and enjoy on boats, watersports, or perhaps a spot of fishing? And you don't even have to get right out into the country to experience them! Places like Zilker Park are set on hundreds of beautiful acres right in the heart of Austin!

Thrills and spills come in all sizes in Texas (don't worry - even the smaller things they do big!). Of course, Six Flags Over Texas gives families INCREDIBLE thrills (be brave, we know you can do it!), but also attractions such as Kemah Boardwalk are an incredibly family-friendly experience with rides for all ages, and are more low key and relaxing for those teenie tots.

And of course, Texas wouldn't be Texas without all those classic yee haw and cowboy moments that make it great! A visit to Fort Worth's Stockyard Station is always a favorite for kids, and parents, you won't feel left out with attractions like Southfork Ranch - we know you remember J.R and that million-dollar question! Now you can see where it all happened.

Think Texas just does kids fun big? Nope - it does it BIGGER!

Take the time to explore this incredible state and be amazed at what it has to offer.

Can we get a yee-haw!?

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