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Zoos in Los Angeles, CA

Ready for that WILD family day out in Los Angeles? Just as well, because there are a host of animal adventures ready for all families, so you will be able to find the best experience for you.

Animal adventures come in all shapes and sizes - just like the animals themselves! Kids can have hands on fun in barnyard attractions such as Montebello Barnyard Zoo, and The Gentle Barn.  If it's grand and exotic animals they want, those larger zoos have animals from all over the world, including Santa Ana Zoo and Los Angeles Zoo!

Let's not forget about those creatures that call the ocean home. Aquariums are a great way to explore our waters without even getting wet. Just ask Aquarium of the Pacific and Roundhouse Aquarium! Did you know Roundhouse even offers FREE entry? We LOVE that!

Don't miss those experiences that places like the Wildlife Learning Center offer too, where rescued animals live and play. Get ready for a ROARING adventure in this vibrant California city!

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