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Safari Zoological Park

Caney, KS

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Address: County Rd 1425, Caney, KS 67333, USA Number: 620 879-2885 Website Contact How do we get there?

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There are all different types of zoos across the USA, but Safari Zoological Park is a zoo in Caney that believes that animals belong in their natural habitats - which we LOVE!

The animals at Safari Zoological Park may be in Kansas, and not in their TRUE habitats, but they certainly have a great place to live at this zoo, and you can go in person to see for yourselves!

The whole family gets to experience this animal-tastic attraction via a zoo tour. You don't need to book, you just need to enjoy yourselves!

The zoo tour takes you on a 2 hour visit around the different animals, or you can extend your stay with guided zoo tours too.

If you want something really special, check out the VIP tour. Along with seeing all the amazing creatures that live here, you get to take a feed sack, and even get your photos taken with some adorable animals including hedgehogs, giant tortoise, and yes - even a giant snake and alligator too!

It brings a whole new meaning to taking a quick "SNAP!"

You also get time in the Tree House to play, and enjoy your own picnic too!

The great thing about your admission, is it goes back towards helping the animals, so you get a fun family day out, and the animals continue living this happy life they lead. 

So why not spend your next family day out with tigers, and lions, wolves, big cats, bears, primates, and more....just don't forget your camera!


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$12.95 for 2 hours



$10.95 (Ages 2-12)



Seniors $11.95


Free Under

2 years


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If you really love helping the animals, you can be a donor, where the pledges help feed and look after the animals.

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Why not have a birthday party at the park! It's a fun way to celebrate with the animals, AND you are supporting them in return!

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Healthy Eating It's a good idea to take bottled water with you!

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They LOVE having students visit! Why not take the students out for a day of biology, nature, and fun!

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Give them a call if you have any questions about accessibility!

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Call ahead for times!

Year round, but dependent on weather

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