National WWII Museum

New Orleans, LA

Where are we going?

National WWII Museum
527 Andrew Higgins
New Orleans
LA 70130


What is there to do?

"The War That Changed The World" - kids, do you know what war this phrase is talking about? If you answered WWII, you'd be correct!

The National WWII Museum in New Orleans is a fascinating museum that is dedicated to this life changing war, and is filled with exhibits all about the different aspects of this time in history. There are exhibits on world leaders, as well as the every day man and women, and there of course are actual fighter jets that were used in the war! It's a day out in history for the family in Louisiana. 

The exhibits at the National WWII Museum cover an epic and global scale, and are housed in three buildings that are each arranged around the central themes of the war. Through interactive displays, oral histories and personal vignettes, kids can not only learn about the war itself, but the real people that it affected.

The museum has over 100,000 artifacts to explore, so make sure you leave enough time! There are diaries, letters, photographs, artworks, weaponry, medals, and even vehicles. It's worth spending time listening to the oral histories that are recounted by actual war veterans too - it's something kids can't learn reading a history book!

There are films that run in the Malcolm Forbes Theater too, where you can get a great start on the history before you start to experience the exhibits. 

Don't miss the special exhibits that run temporarily in the National WWII Museum too. It's worth putting them in the diary so you don't miss out! It also means there is something new for you to see when you visit next.

A fascinating day out in New Orleans for the kids, where they can learn about a time in history that changed the course of the world, and all the real people involved. Something you can't really learn in books!

How much does it cost?

Adults: $24 museum only

Children: $14.50 museum only

Discount: Combo tickets available, and WWII Veterans free


Need a little extra help?

The museum is wheelchair accessible


When can we go?

Exhibits: 9am - 5pm daily.


Any top tips?

Allow a couple of hours to really see the museum and take in the exhibits

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