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New Orleans, LA

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Address: 2 Canal Street, New Orleans, LA 70130, USA Number: 504.529.4567 Website Contact How do we get there?

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There is something magical about the paddle wheeler cruising down the Mighty Mississippi, with the music of New Orleans playing and the atmosphere jumping - and on the Big Easy Paddlewheeler Cruise you can experience it for yourself!

The Creole Queen is an incredibly iconic paddlewheeler that can take you and 1,000 others down the Mississippi to enjoy the air of New Orleans. Its magical! It's the city's most luxurious riverboat, and it's waiting for YOU on your family day out!

There are two cruises you can pick for your Big Easy Paddlewheeler experience. The Dinner Jazz Cruise or the Chalmette Battlefield Cruise.

On the historic cruise you will gently glide past the incredibly historic French Quarter that everyone knows and loves, and experience the Port of New Orleans from another view point - the river of course!  The Captain will entertain and inform you with a fascinating narration all about the landmarks of the city, as well as the history of New Orleans and the river.

For some more history, you will be disembarking at the site of the 1815 Battle of New Orleans - kids, here's a quiz - where would that be? Only the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve!  Here, you can tour the Chalmette Battlefiend which includes a visit to the Malus-Beruregard House and the Chalmette Monument before you are back on the Creole Queen and ready for some more river adventures!

As soon as night falls, you can enjoy the dinner jazz cruise where the music will fill the galleys and corridors! Enjoy a deliciously lavish buffet in the very elegant dining room.

There are outer deck with incredibly detailed and authentic patterned wrought iron trims so it feels like you have actually stepped back in time to an era gone by!  Kids will love admiring the plus Victorian draperies and period lighting - how does it feel to step back in time!

After dinner, it's stars, music and dancing as you enjoy the Mississippi River in a whole new light!

Big Easy Paddlewheeler? Yes please! 

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Dinner cruise from $44. Historic cruise $28



Dinner cruise $12 - $34. Historic cruise $13


Free Under

3 years with no dinner. Historic cruise free under 5 years.


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Reservations are required, with 24 hours notice for any cancellations.

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Boarding starts 60 to 30 minutes before departure. Check the details when you book.

I'm Hungry!


The dinner cruise has AMAZING foods, but of course you can choose not to book with a dinner included. From gumbo, caesar salads, red beans, shrimp, cornbread...delicious!

Healthy Eating Let them know if you have any dietary requirements or allergies.

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If you do have a mobility difficulty, make sure you ask on the phone when booking so they can be prepared.

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When can we go?

Dinner cruise 7:30pm. History cruise 2pm.

All cruises daily, all year round.

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