St Louis Cemetery No 1

New Orleans, LA

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Address: Basin at St. Louis St., New Orleans, LA 70112 Number: 504 482-5065 Website Contact How do we get there?

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There are some truly iconic attractions in New Orleans, and St Louis Cemetery No 1 is surely one of them, and YOU can visit it!

A cemetery might seem like a strange suggestion for a family day out, but this attraction allows you to really experience something truly iconic to the region. It's also incredibly fascinating!

To visit St Louis Cemetery No 1 (the most famous in the city), you need to be part of a guided tour, no walk-ins are permitted anymore. But that's super easy to do, because there are SO many tour companies that can take you!

When you arrive, you are taken on foot, in your own time, around these incredible above-ground tombs. Kids, do you know why they are above ground? Well, that's one reason to visit, so you can learn the answer!

Your tour guide will take you to the tombs of a number of notable people, including the Queen of Voodoo herself, Marie Laveau. Bonus points kids if you find the giant white pyramid tomb and learn about it's connection to Hollywood! You see, this tomb is empty, but happens to have been bought by movie star Nicolas Cage. Strange but true!

Taking a tour to the cemetery is also a great opportunity to ask lots of questions, about how they are built, how they are looked after, and also find out why there is a small section in the corner for below ground graves.

It's an incredibly historic and amazing experience!

So be part of the city's rich history, and make a stop to visit a truly iconic attraction in the Big Easy!

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$20 per person



$20 per person


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If the sun is out, take a hat and sun protection as there isn't any shade in the cemetery and it can get pretty hot!

Any top tips?


If you wanted to combine your cemetery visit with the Voodoo Museum, you can book a combo tour of both through Island of Algiers Tours - say hi to Nate for us!

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There are plenty of places to grab food before or after your experience!

Healthy Eating Take a water bottle for sure

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


Just speak to the tour operator about bringing students, they love to have people visit!

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Give them a call about the accessibility of the cemetery, it's not the most ideal place for wheelchairs.

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9am - 3pm Monday to Saturday, 9am - 12pm Sunday

Operates year round

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