National Civil War Museum

Harrisburg, PA

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Address: Parkhill Ln, Harrisburg, PA 17103, USA Number: 717 260-1861 Website Contact How do we get there?

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With over 24,000 impressive artifacts for you to experience during your time at the National Civil War Museum, you will spend your family day out surrounded by history, and eye-opening tales of this infamous period in USA history.

It really gives kids an understanding into the Civil War - the effect that it had on the entire nation, and on the people. It's the place to be if you want to learn all about Vicksburg, Gettysburg, and Shiloh - all once ordinary places which became names that would go down in history.

There are exhibits to learn from which cover pre and post war, as well as the war itself, where you can learn about those involved in the war from the military, as well as civilian. The National Civil War Museum has permanent exhibits, as well and several changing ones which will mean there is always something new for you to experience on your next visit!

Topics in the past that have been displayed include the role of the city of Harrisburg within the Battle of Gettysburg, Civil War art and even the flags of the Civil War. A humbling exhibit for the kids would have been the Children and the War exhibit. It will give them a sense of perspective, and really make them think.

The National Civil War Museum also has a fascinating military exhibit, where kids can see all the aspects of the soldiers experience - from the weaponry, wounds, encounters, and even personal artifacts. It's always a fascinating insight when kids can walk around the museum looking at the artifacts, and talking about the kind of people that would have been behind the weapons, and the clothes, and the personal items...what would they have been through? What do you think they would have felt about the war?

It would be a shame to visit such a historic city such as Harrisburg and not experience this amazing museum. 

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$9 students



Seniors $10


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Schedule the tour around any special programs so you don't miss out!

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Allow at least 2 hours, if not 4 to really enjoy it and move at your own pace. Tours are self-guided

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


Their main focus is to educate, so why wouldn't you bring students to enjoy it! Give them a call about arranging tours

Can I get one of those?


With a book collection, art collection, clothing and collectibles, there is plenty of shopping that you can do after your experience.

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The museum is FULLY accessible for anyone in wheelchairs!

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10am - 5pm Mon, Tues, Thurs - Sat. Wed 10am - 8pm. Sun 12pm - 5pm

All year round but closed New Years Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas

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