Gettysburg Museum of History

Gettysburg, PA

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Address: 219 Baltimore St Gettysburg PA 17325 Number: 717 337-2035 Website Contact How do we get there?

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The Gettysburg Museum of History has SO many amazing artifacts in its collection, they've been on TV (multiple times!)

This incredibly popular museum in the historic Gettysburg has over 4,000 artifacts in its collection, that will impress all who visit, from the dedicated historians to young kids.

You can explore exhibits on the Civil War, WWI and II, Presidents, and even Elvis!

You know what else? It's FREE admission too!

Let's start with the American Civil War. This was such a monumental time in US history, it's quite an experience to see uniforms, letters and weapons that were actually FROM that time.  Here, you can see letters from the only civilian killed during the Battle of Gettysburg, as well as Captain Edgar Warren's uniform and sword!

Kids can even see a Confederate Schoolbook!

Moving to the two World Wars, kids can see a footstool from Adolf Hitler's bunker in Berlin where he died, to General George S Patton's Personal razor and Eva Braum's silver set.

Then you have the Presidential exhibit! Kids, have you ever seen a lock of Abraham Lincoln's hair, or his wallet, or perhaps JFK's personal suit?

President Eisenhower's golf clubs feature at the Gettysburg Museum of History, as do part of George Washington's original coffin from Mount Vernon.

Top that all off with an Egyptian mummy head, original Bonnie and Clyde snaps, and personal dinnerware of Saddam Hussein, and you have yourself one very impressive museum!

If you didn't enjoy history before, you sure should after a visit to the Gettysburg Museum of History!

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The Gettysburg Museum of History and its curator, Erik L Dorr, have been featured on many TV shows, including The Haunted Collector, American Pickers, and Pawn Stars!

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Teachers corner


Give them a call about taking the students, they will have a great historical day out!

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There is a great museum store with gifts, books, merchandise and artifacts, and shopping here helps support the museum too!

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Speak to staff about the accessibility of the exhibits

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11am - 5pm

Open year round, closed Mondays & Tuesdays (plus Wednesdays & Thursdays in winter)

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