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Within walking distance from the very site that Abraham Lincoln ushered his Gettysburg Address is the Lincoln Train Museum, filled with interactive exploration of American history for all ages who visit!

The exhibits within the Lincoln Train Museum cover a range of rich American history, from the days of the founding fathers through to 9/11.

The collections showcase politics, and sports, even Hollywood and the Wild West. Kids can learn all about the Civil War, as well as US Military, and even as far as WWI and WWII. Naturally, you can learn about Abraham Lincoln himself!

Why Abraham Lincoln and trains, we hear you ask? Well, not only was Lincoln the 16th President, and emancipator of slaves, but he was also key in forging the American Rail Road System, which completely changed the landscape of the land!

So take the rail journey within the museum too, exploring the rapid changes the railroad made to the nation. Your journey includes the trip Lincoln made from Washington DC to Springfield, Illinois where his rests today, and even ride in his recreated funeral car.

History is waiting to be explored and enjoyed at the Lincoln Train Museum, where presentations and rail collections await, on the very ground that Lincoln once walked.

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How much does it cost?



$7 + tax



$4 + tax (Ages 6 to 12)



$5 + tax for seniors & active military


Free Under

5 years


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Any top tips?


Allow time to explore the area after your visit to the museum, there are SO many fascinating things to do in Gettysburg, this museum will just get you excited about learning the history

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Grab something to eat in the area before or after your visit!

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Where is it at?

Teachers corner


They love to have group tours, so give them a call to arrange your trip in advance!

Need a little extra help?


They recommend that disabled passengers park or are dropped off at the metered parking in front of the gift shop entrance. The accessibility ramp leads from the left front side of the building to a side museum entrance door. Service dogs are permitted

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When can we go?


10am - 5pm Sunday to Thursday, 10am - 7pm Friday & Saturday (from Nov 1 to Remembrance Day weekend, only 10am - 5pm Thursday to Monday)

Operates April to November. Closed Thanksgiving day & Easter Sunday

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