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My Gym Wheaton

Wheaton, IL

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Address: 43 Danada Square W, Wheaton, IL 60189, USA Number: 630 221 0555 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Kids are always developing, and at each age they need certain stimulation, so why not take them to a place where ALL of the classes and programs have been designed by child development experts, so you know they are learning and playing exactly how they should be!

My Gym Wheaton is filled with classes and programs designed for different age groups up to 12 years, so you know that your kids can develop at the perfect pace!

There are classes for little ones as young as 6 weeks, where they will be immersed in stimulation to get those bodies and minds growing. Then, there are dance and gym classes for those active kids, where they can engage in activities to develop their strength, balance, coordination, and motor skills.

They also develop their social skills at the same time too, because they are engaging and interacting with other kids their own age - how fun is that!?

The dance and gym classes encourage kids to really test themselves, and learn new skills. There are tumbling classes, gymnastics, ballet, and even Zumba - and yes, parents you can join in those too!

Parents, that's not the only thing My Gym Wheaton have thought of when it comes to you. They also offer Parents Night Out where you can drop the kids off for an evening of music, dance, games and dinner, and you can have the night to yourselves. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it!

So why not have a look at what the kids can immerse themselves in on your next family day out, and see them grow, and develop, just the way they need!

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From $76/month



Sibling and twin discounts


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Keep an eye out for events they have across the year, you won't want to miss out!

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You can have your first class complimentary to see if your kids love it and want to continue. They only do monthly admissions

I'm Hungry!


They don't offer food, but grab something to eat in the area - there are plenty of options - so you can fill up before having fun!

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They sell a range on My Gym merchandise like shirts!

Need a little extra help?


They have a sensory class for those kids who need a little extra attention

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Baby Facilities

They have a baby changing station!

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Class times vary pending the class

Year round

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