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Create A Family Road Trip!

Create A Family Road Trip!
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A road trip across the USA is one of the most iconic ways for someone to see the incredible states, and each year many families head on out for a road trip of their own.

But on your next road trip, why not make it a REALLY personalized one?

Make a night of the planning, get some takeaway, and some maps, and all sit down with a pen and paper. First of all, each family member cab write their own bucket list. It could be an activity, or a state, or a city.

(Why not get some ideas on Family Days Out!)

Get your big map, and in different colored stickers, mark out each persons list - and see what you can do! As you place each sticker, get that family member to explain why they want to visit, and why it’s special to them. 

The great thing about road trips are what you see in between, so if there aren’t too many big distances, try and stay off the highways and stick to the incredible Byways that the USA have done so well.

The Byways were created to let people see more of the country - getting off the highways and going through the small towns, exploring the farms, and seeing the “real” USA. Try and use these as much as you can, as they really can make your road trip so much more special.

Try and make sure each family member has the same number of places on the list, and don’t forget to take lots of photos of your trip! It could also be fun for each family member to make a road trip playlist, and they get to be the DJ on their section of the adventure.

Downloading simple apps like Road Movie helps you end up with fun holiday videos without having to grab a video camera and an edit suite.

Most of all - make sure you stop a lot, explore the towns, and have fun!

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