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About Arkansas State University Museum

Arkansas is a fascinating state, so it makes sense that the Arkansas State University has created a museum that is dedicated to JUST the natural history and the cultural heritage of Northeast Arkansas - and it's great for families!

The Arkansas State University Museum is dedicated to showcasing the rich history and culture of NE Arkansas. It's filled with exhibits that will fascinate the family, and teach kids all about the region.

With permanent exhibits, as well as temporary exhibits, the museum is great to re-visit your favorite exhibits whilst always ensuring there is something new to see and do!

Kids can step back in time to the Arkansas Frontier as the European exploration and settlement and exploration is occurring. There are a number of hands-on exhibits for the kids, where they can learn about math and engineering, as well as history!

Kids can role-play their own foray into the wilderness, where they have to buy supplies at the Trading Post, and ration, before "shooting" wild game and hear real fortunes written in journals of the early explorers of the region.

Those little ones can actually play inside a life-size replica of a 17th century canoe that was dug up within the state, and even push buttons to match animals to their calls. 

Ever seen a Mastodon? Now you can! Did you know that over 10,000 years ago, Arkansas was actually home to a number of very HUGE animals, including the mammoths, and giant beavers. These creatures died out in the last ice age, but their fossils didn't - and now you can get up close and experience how large they really were!

The family can learn about how early settlers lived off the land, walk through a gallery of Military artifacts, and even learn about the Native American culture.

Amazing learning for the whole family, no matter what age. Who knew there was so much history right under your feet!

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Adults Free! Donations of $2 is welcome.

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Arkansas State University Museum FAQ’s

Do they have baby facilities?

There are baby changing facilities available

I’m Hungry! Can I get food at Arkansas State University Museum?

It's best to grab something to eat before you arrive at the museum!

Any top tips when visiting?

Check out the Family Reading Castle, filled with characters and interactive play!

Does Arkansas State University Museum have a gift shop?

ASU Museum offers a gift shop with souvenir options from childrens' toys costing 33 cents up to reproduction Native American pottery valued at $100.
Come by and visit our gift shop. We accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Teachers corner

You are welcome to request a tour guide for your school group! They have to be by reservation so give them a call to arrange

Do they have baby facilities?

There are baby changing facilities available

Is Arkansas State University Museum fully accessible?

Give them a call if you have any questions about accessibility, or assistance you may need.

Any additonal information?

The ASU Museum offers tours for everyone! They last around 20 minutes to an hour. You can also guide yourself if you like!