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Spookiest Cities in the USA!

Spookiest Cities in the USA!
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Celebrate Halloween by visiting these SPOOKY cities across the USA!

But, if you're ready to explore something new, and a little bit creepy, then why not head to one of the SPOOKIEST cities in the entire USA!

If you dare....!

These towns are said to be just teeming with ghosts, and spirits, so it might not just be your familywith you....BOO!

Charleston, South Carolina

A city with a tumultuous past that spans over 300 years, Charleston is haunted by the restless spirits of its former residents. Brave St Phillips Graveyard, and the host of Sue Howard, or visit the Old Exchange Building that was used as a prison in the American Revolution.

You can evenlearn about the Old City Jail, that was the site for the public execution of the first US female serial killer, Lavina Fisher, who creepily wore her wedding dress in her final minutes!

If you really want to meet the other residents, check out the Ghost Tours - you never know who you might meet!

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah'srecordedhistorybegins in 1733, which means there has beena lot of history within the city limits.

And with this history comes years of hauntings, stories of which are well known throughout the city today. Walk into any historic building or cemetery in Savannah and you may catch sight of ghostly presences surrounding you. Ghosts, graveyards, gloomy underground tunnels and graceful mansions with grim histories are all on the itinerary for this Southern family day out!

There's nothing like a Gothic mansion for ghostly goings-on, andthis beautiful city's historic district isteemingwith them. You can visit houses and taverns dating to the 1700s that creak, rattle, moan and whisper of an unquiet past.

Take on a City Ghost Tour, and you just might drop by the Hampton Lillibridge House, the scene of an exorcism that did nothing to stop the voices and footsteps. A crypt was discovered under the foundation during renovation, adding to the home's infamy as the most haunted house in Savannah.

Visit tiny Gracie Watson, who died from pneumonia at just 6 years old in 1889. She's buried under a life-like statue commissioned by her grieving father. People swear the statue weeps. You'll hear whispers and rustlings at Bonaventure, as well as at the even older Colonial Park Cemetery, first used in 1750.

Good luck!

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans dates back to Native American life as far as 3,000 years ago, but it was when the fur trappers of the 1690s arrived that it really began to grow.Life in the colony was tough, as New Orleans’ climate fostered disease and disaster, but colonists persevered. In 1722, after a hurricane flattened much of the colony, then throw in years of Civil War, Revolutions, European migration, floods, a World Fair, this amazing city has survived into one of the most incredible places to visit in the USA - and one of the most haunted!

Why not start your journey with Ghost City Tours to really hear all about the spooky happenings all around you?

Make sure you take a trip tothe oldest cemetery in the city. It's like winding through a maze of jumbled, crumbling above-ground tombs and crypts. It's widely believed that Voodoo queen Marie Laveau's remains are here.

You can even learn some gruesome history at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum, where some interesting practices took place!

Hear stories of the very haunted Lalaurie Mansion - possibly the most haunted in the French Quarter, or check out the abandoned Six Flags theme park!

It's not just amazing food and incredible music that will fill your days in New Orleans!

St. Augustine, Florida

Did you know that St. Augustine is the oldestcontinuously occupied settlement of European origin in the United States? Pretty amazing! It began in 1565 when it was founded by the Spanish admiral, Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, and today has become one of the best places to visit with families, withliving history museums like the Castillo de San Marcos to swashbuckling adventures at the Pirate & Treasure Museum.

But of course, it's Halloween, so let's not forget about those ghost tours at the iconic St. Augustine Lighthouse, or the very fitting Ghosts & Gravestones Toursthat will take you to the Old Jail - a place of many hangings!

St. Augustine has an incredible history - it's also that spooky history we know you love!

Salem, Massachusetts

Salem was founded all the way back in 1626, and was originally named Naumkeag, but the settlers preferred to call it Salem - makes sense!

But - the most famous event that Salem is known for is not a particularly good one. The Salem Witch Trials - and it's these events that make for a very spooky family day out!

These events began in 1692, when a local physician diagnosed a number of teenage girls as being witches. This led to 19 hangings, and one death in a very gruesome crushing.

Your time in Salem can be spent exploring this fascinating and macabre history at theWitch History Museum. Numerous original papers from the trials are kept at the Peabody Essex Museum, or you can even re-enact the trail at the Witch Dungeon Museum!

Halloween might just be that little bit spookier in Salem because all these events actually happened on the very ground you will be walking on!

San Antonio, Texas

Would you have picked San Antonio to be on this list of the USA's spookiest cities?

This Texas favorite is actually known just as much for it's celebrity ghosts, as well as the unknowns including the Lady in Blue at the Menger Hotel. So any trip here will surely have you leaving with a few stories of your own!

It's most famous landmark - The Alamo - is actually the site of a bloody standoff in thefamous battle between Texas and Mexico ("Remember The Alamo!")and is home to the ghosts of not only heroes, but if you listen closely, you can hearDavy Crockett's fiddle singing!

Of course, if you want to really start getting into the deep and dark stories of the cities other residents, Ghost City Tours can help you there! It's also a great way to see the city too!

With a final stop at theBullis House Inn to visit the famous Indian chief Geronimowho still haunts it, you will have a great time....if you dare!

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Possibly one of the most haunted grounds to ever exist across the USA is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania - and yes, you would have heard of it. It's an incredible place to visit, but it also happens to be the site of one of the bloodiest battles in the Civil War history.

A visit to the battlefieldis definitely worth taking a camera to, because people have come away with soldiers roaming in their frames.

From Confederate General Robert E. Lee, to numerous sightings of some of the 51,000 soldiers who died on the field, this naturally beautiful section of the world is teeming with ghostly encounters.

Travel around a bit, and you might bump into something in the night at one of the many ofthe city's historic inns. Gettysburg College was also once the site of a Civil War field hospital.

With a spooky history around every corner, Gettysburg is a must if you really want to visit some spooky American locations!

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