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    It is a very fun place,we love it and it is very new and bright color ,and very big place ,a lot of different equipment ,and very clean ,and secure ,food court very big and nice color and food is no 1-staff was very trained ,and friendly-location location and location,very good location and it has laser light and bubble machine and monkey mascot comes out ,and a lot of good music and i saw a lot of birthday parties when i was their and very nice and celebration for birthday parties was very very nice. we love it and we go 2 times a week over their and i suggest you should try it.

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    Great place, very clean and we go here all the time. I love that is so secure and they have massage chairs and free wifi. I can take my computer and work from there, while my son is having fun playing. I go usually during the week when it is less crowded.
    The only downside is sometimes the music, very, very loud.