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    It is a very fun place,we love it and it is very new and bright color ,and very big place ,a lot of different equipment ,and very clean ,and secure ,food court very big and nice color and food is no 1-staff was very trained ,and friendly-location location and location,very good location and it has laser light and bubble machine and monkey mascot comes out ,and a lot of good music and i saw a lot of birthday parties when i was their and very nice and celebration for birthday parties was very very nice. we love it and we go 2 times a week over their and i suggest you should try it.

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    Great place, very clean and we go here all the time. I love that is so secure and they have massage chairs and free wifi. I can take my computer and work from there, while my son is having fun playing. I go usually during the week when it is less crowded.
    The only downside is sometimes the music, very, very loud.

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    Honestly if I could give this place no stars I would, I’ve taken my 4 year old here a few times, and each time it has seemed to have gotten worse.

    Starting with the cubbies in the front that you put your shoes and bags in are not secured to the wall and have almost toppled over on kids and parents several times.

    Don’t forget your quarters because you have to pay for some of the things your child rides on or plays with…didn’t we already pay an admission price? (which by the way is going up another $2 in the next month)

    There are several rides that are being held together with duct tape….yes you read that correctly DUCT TAPE, first off they are promoting a safe fun indoor place for kids to play but that is that farthest thing from safe, and definitely disgusting because my daughters hands ended up sticky and nasty from the residue on the play areas.

    The ball pit has a old broken plastic baby gate being held up with a zip tie…. yeah think that over… HORRIBLE and so unsafe!

    The padded floor doesn’t even lay flat, my 4 year old kept tripping and falling, and this is a place that is specifically designed for young kids?

    The food and drinks are so over price it’s not even funny, honestly you are better off eating before and bringing your own drinks.

    As well as many other terrible reasons to not visit this establishment, I’d have to say find another place, I heard of a few Indoor playground that are just opening up in the area and they look fantastic.

    I wouldn’t even chance coming here ever again, because when I’ve tried to talk to the people who work here about my concerns, the associate was extremely rude and went back to playing with a friend of her’s who had brought their child in for free, not even watching the front desk….

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