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Pirate Cove Mini Golf

Orlando, FL

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Arrr me be mini golfing time again in Orlando! Lucky for you, Pirate Cove Mini Golf is ready for your swashbuckling action!

Pirate Cove Mini Golf is a super fun family day out because you really feel like you are one of their 18th century buckaneers!

The adventure golf course waiting for you is much more than your average! Each hole has been designed so it fits the theme, and also gives you a bit of a challenge! Lush landscaping and entertaining pirate theming making Pirate Cove Mini Golf a popular destination for kids too!

Make your way through the course, and encounter the adventures and legends of all the infamous pirates that you know and love! Sunken ships, pirate dungeons, cascading waterfalls, tropical might even think you've gone back in time!

Kids - watch out for those stray cannon shots from that old skeleton watching you from his old raft!

There are two 19 hole courses - the Captains Course and Blackbeard's Challenge, as well as a very adventurous 36-hole adventure course!

Mini golf is great for kids because they not only develop their coordination, but they gain confidence, and see themselves improving as they go! Also, there's nothing wrong with a little friendly family competition!

Pirate fun all around at Pirate Cove Mini Golf - a sea shanty filled day out for those swashbucklers in your family! Arrrr!

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$14.50 + tax or $23.50 for 36 holes



$12.95 + tax or $21.50 for 36 holes


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3 years


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Kids ages 3 to 12 years.

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You can reply a course for only $8.50!

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Healthy Eating It never hurts to take bottled water with you to stay hydrated, and some healthy snacks too

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You can pick up a host of high seas merchandise! From nautical gifts, to pirate toys and treasure chests - it's all waiting to be enjoyed!

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If you have special needs, just give them a call and see how they can help you!

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9am - 11:30pm daily

All year round

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