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Pirates Dinner Adventure

Orlando, FL

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Address: 6400 Carrier Dr, Orlando, FL 32819, USA Number: 407-206-5102 Website Contact How do we get there?

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Ahoy maties - stop right there if you love the life of a swashbuckler!

If you do, then Pirates Dinner Adventure in Orlando should be a stop on your next family day out!

Pirate's Dinner Adventure is a dinner show attraction that puts you and your family right in the middle of all of the swashbuckling action. and would-be-pirates of all ages are welcome to join in this epic and interactive pirate show!

Those rumbling tummies will set aboard an authentically replicated 18th century Spanish galleon, that is a HUGE 46ft long! There are even 40ft masts. It's pretty impressive!

The ship itself is anchored in a 300,000 gallon indoor lagoon, complete with night sky lighting so it really gives you the feeling of being out in the ocean!

All around the lagoon there is a showroom of additional ships where the audience is seated. Here, you are on your own voyage as you can cheer on the adventure that unfolds in front of you! 

Guests are entertained with an astonishing display of special effects wizardry, aerial artistry, swashbuckling swordplay, dynamic duels and daring-do; a classic story of good vs. evil that offers the perfect blend of action, adventure, comedy and romance; the opportunity to interact in the adventure; and a sumptuous dining experience.

The show is perfect for children and adults alike, so take a few minutes to check out the rest of our site, then fill out our reservation form to reserve your space for a pirate adventure you will always remember.

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$41.45 (Ages 3 - 12)



Senior discounts


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They would love to help you celebrate your birthday! Why not arrange a trip with friends to celebrate in swashbuckling style!

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Make sure you take your camera!

I'm Hungry!


Good thing it's a dinner show, because those who are hungry will certainly be going home very full after this! From pasta, to kids nuggets, to chicken pot roast, and yes, there is dessert, it's a tasty pirates life for me!

Healthy Eating They have salads and soups on the menu

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Teachers corner


They do welcome students with their full educational field trip program to those in Central Florida!

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They offer handicap seats. Make sure you select this option when you book if you need it

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Typically 7:30pm sittings Mon - Thurs / 8:30pm Fri / 5:30pm & 8:30pm Sat / 5:30pm & 7:30pm Sun

Year round

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