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If there's one thing that Maine is famous for, it's the lobsters! Ever wondered how they end up on your plate? Lucky Catch Cruises is the answer!

This fun tour operator in Maine lets you explore the waters of Casco Bay whilst being guided through the fascinating daily routines of a traditional Maine lobsterman - thanks to Captain Tom! 

The excursion lasts for about 90 minutes, and it's very interactive with all on board. You can participate first hand in the excitement of hauling up the traps, and peeking over to see what you might have caught. If you prefer a most relaxing experience, just sit back and watch the sights float past you!

The tour is filled with history too, with the cruise taking you near beautifully picturesque lighthouses (something else Maine is famous for!), as well as historic civil war forts and the famous "Seal Rocks". 

Put off that you might be fighting against a big crowd to try and see the sights? No need! The passenger numbers are limited so EVERYONE will be able to have the most incredible experience! 

Kids will be able to see what it takes to get the lobsters from the bottom of the ocean, right to the dinner plate. They will also be able to learn all about their habits, and habitats, as well as the conservation efforts - most important!

Know the difference between a hardshell and a shedder? Head out with Lucky Catch Cruises and you'll be able to know everything there is to know about lobsters! 

Kids will love the marine tank on board too, filled with some of the creatures that come up on the lobster net. This live tank lets kids get up close to some of the beautiful creatures of the ocean, before they all get thrown back in at the end of the day. 

Lucky Catch Cruises will let kids respect their food and the creatures that go into the dishes we love. And eye opening experience, but one they will love!

The MAINE event on the water!

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$20 (Ages 2 - 12) and $28 (Ages 13 - 18)



Seniors $28.


Free Under

2 years.


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State Conservation Laws prohibit pulling traps after 4pm on Saturdays and all day on Sundays in June, July and August only, so just be aware that they can't offer lobstering cruises during those times.

Any top tips?


Although it’s not required, they highly recommend making reservations in advance by calling their ticket booth.

I'm Hungry!


Lobsters! Just take them across to the Portland Lobster Company and you can have it for dinner!

Healthy Eating Healthy? You are seeing your dinner being hauled up in front of your eyes - it's pretty fresh and healthy! The flavors will be amazing!

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Can I get one of those?


Yes - the lobsters that are caught can be purchased wholesale at the end of the cruise!

Need a little extra help?


If you do have mobility issues, then give them a call when you book to check what they can do for you.

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When can we go?

Tours start at 10:30am.

First weekend in May to last weekend in October

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