50 States Of Summer - Part Three!

Apr 23,2016read

What was that you said? Oh sorry, we just couldn’t hear you over all the screaming for Part Three of our “50 States Of Summer” countdown!

We hope you have been inspired so far, and we can’t wait to hear all about your summer adventures, but in the meantime, let’s continue the countdown!

21. Have a Food Adventure!

It’s not just ice cream that can be enjoyed over summer. The USA has some amazing cuisines across each state, but you can’t beat that old classic…PIZZA! Boston Pizza Tours in Massachusetts is a fun way to see the city AND all of the best places to get that perfect slice. A slice of pizza…and a slice of summer! Perfect!

22. Visit Europe!

Well, kind of….Did you know that in Michigan you can be transported to The Netherlands? At Nelis Dutch Village it will feel like you’re in Europe, with wooden shoe carving, Dutch dancing, and fun Dutch activities!

23. Ride a Carousel!

Did you know that Cafesijan’s Carousel was built all the way back in 1914? This Minnesota classic is such a fun and classic activity for the kids….and it’s always surprising how much parents still love it!

24. Journey on an Authentic Riverboat!

You’re in the Deep South when you’re in Mississippi, so it would be a shame not to experience something so iconic! The Mighty Tunica Queen Riverboat is a great way to really embrace that Southern culture - often with pretty incredible food too! Amazing in those summer nights!

25. Embark on a Literary Adventure!

America has produced some classic writers, and there are plenty of places for kids to really immerse themselves in the name behind the stories! Mark Twain Boyhood Home and Museum in Missouri lets you see where such an incredible imagination was brought to life!

26. Experience a Breathtaking Landscape!

Well, we know there are PLENTY of these across the USA, but some, such as Montana’s Yellowstone National Park will take your breath away. With multicolored sulfur springs and roaming bison, it will be like you have gone back in time!

27. Go Camping!

America is built for camping, RVs…you name it! And there certainly are plenty of places to have whatever level of camping you want. Places like Eagle Canyon Hideaway in Nebraska even have log cabins for you to choose from! With horseriding, nature trails, and fishing, camping is the journey, not the destination! Get ready to hear those summer crickets

28. Take a Helicopter Tour!

We’re serious! Helicopters are an incredible way to see an iconic landmark, such as the Grand Canyon in Nevada. Grand Canyon Helicopter Tours can take you right over one of the greatest achievements of Mother Nature!

29. Do Something FREE!

Summer doesn’t have to mean endless admissions. There are so many FREE things to do across the country. If you’re in New Hampshire, visit Topiary Park With nature and gardens to explore, it will give you the great outdoors and not cost a penny!

30. Go River Tubing!

An incredibly fun way to spend time with families of all ages! Delaware River Tubing in New Jersey can happily take you along the river…and it ends with a hot dog! Pretty awesome! 30 ideas down…20 to go! We can’t wait for summer to begin so we can get started on all of these incredible things to do in the USA! Until later….we’re just getting our hats and sun cream ready for the summer ahead!

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