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Crazy Golf, Crazy Fun!

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Our guide to crazy golf.

Of course, the best kind of family fun is where the whole family can really enjoy an activity together.  Spending time together, laughing together, playing together and yes – even competing together!

So what about an activity where you can make your way over rivers, tackle moving dragons, conquering castles and even beating giant crocodiles? Don’t worry – it’s not dangerous. It’s mini golf!

Crazy golf is an incredible activity for the entire family to play, and not just because it’s incredibly fun!

Most crazy golf courses have super fun, strange and wonderful themes, which are great for the imagination!  Kids can spend the day trekking through an animal filled safari, with tigers and lions hiding in the bushes.  They can explore the pyramids of Egypt, and uncover the mysterious pharaohs. They can even step back in time to the great Mayan temples! Amazing!

What is great about crazy golf, is that for kids it becomes more than just a game, without them realizing it.

Every hole has it’s own challenge than you have to overcome, which is great for kids to learn how to problem solve. They need to navigate their way around moving objects, and conquer obstacles such as sand pits and lakes.

Every hole also has it’s own par located at the tee, so kids can really work towards a goal. They will have to use their skill and concentration to make sure they get under par.

Crazy golf is also an activity where they can really work on their own personal best, and see themselves improving over time. The first game they might be over par on every hole. The next game they are over par on just half the holes. Eventually they will be under par every time – and of course this in turn grows their self-confidence! And they’re having a blast at the same time – now that’s a pretty awesome result!

Crazy golf is a true family game. The whole family can work at their own pace, and start at the same time, taking it in turns to take a shot. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition! Family members can try and beat each others score as they make their way through every hole.

It’s definitely a game you should play more than one round. If the kids haven’t played before, it takes some getting used to, so by the time you finish the course chances are they are just getting used to it.

So if there are more than course at the centre, why not have a go at them all! Otherwise, play a couple of rounds to really give it a chance. By the end, chances are they won’t want to leave!

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