Linvilla Orchards

Media, PA

Where are we going?

Linvilla Orchards
180 Knowlton Rd
PA 19063


What is there to do?

There is something beautiful about the country and farms. The USA is certainly filled with them! Linvilla Orchards is a classic example of why these areas and ways of life are incredible to visit! With 300 acres, it's a great place for kids to really understand what a farm is like. It's a very fun education (with cute animals!)

Linvilla Orchards is a farm dedicated to entertainment, education and agriculture - and it really is fun!

There are a ton of sweet animals for the kids to learn about and get close to, from rabbits, goats, sheep, to white tailed deer and emus! There is also a large collection of doves, geese, pheasants, peacocks and guineas.  Ever heard a rooster crow? Just you wait!

Throughout the year the whole family can enjoy a scenic hayride - from the Spring Blossom Hayrides, to the 20 minute Harvest Hayrides, it's a true farm experience every kid should have!

Yes, there is a playground, and yes, it's HUGE! A whole acres is dedicated to adventure play, with fun structures to climb, run, hide and swing on. Super fun!

All the seasons are covered, with the fun candy apples and maze filled Pumpkinland, and the very festive Santa filled Christmasland (if you need a tree, this is the place!)

Orchard Lake is great for kids to try their hand at fishing for those slippery fish, including trout, crappies, catfish and bluegill.

There are train rides, pony rides, kids can pick their own fruit....the list goes on! (There's even mini golf!)  So if you are looking for a break from the city and want a true American farm experience, Linvilla Orchards just might be the place you're looking for on your family day out! 

How much does it cost?

Children: The playground is $1 admission


When can we go?

Hours change seasonally. Range from 8am/9am open, to 1pm/9pm closing

All year round.


Any top tips?

Don't forget to pick your own fruit! It's fun, and your homemade pies will faste even better!

I’m Hungry!

Things to eat? Are you joking? There is so much to eat here you will have to be rolled home! The Linvilla Grill has hot dogs, burgers, nuggets, fries...the farm market and bakery sell pizzas, breads, brownies...there is a cafe...and Foodland during Harvest...arrive with an empty stomach! - Fun things to do with kids and best places to visit in the US
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