5 Outdoor Educational Activities for Kids

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Since the emergence of virtual classrooms and video sessions on Zoom, the majority of youngsters have to spend a lot of time glued to computer and phone screens. This way, when it comes to education, children tend to spend much less time outside than ever before. It brings up certain concerns among parents and educators who try their best to combine PE lessons and gamification methods in learning where one can stay active. It makes it evident that focusing on outdoor educational activities is essential as a way to keep children busy and inspired to learn.

Let’s take time to review some ideas that can brighten up your day and bring up happy, cheeky smiles! 

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1.Walking Back in Time Activity

It is one of the best outside activities for kids, where you can learn more about what it was like to live in CE and BCE. You can use a trusty smartphone to take pictures and use imagination to evaluate what things could have been back then. It helps to learn all the ancient names and appreciate the technical progress that we can observe these days! 

2. Making a Musical Stage Competition. 

This type of outside activity can help you follow the books or movies by setting up an outside stage to create a special musical or drama performance. It will help kids to learn and come up with amazing ideas. As a parent, you can provide special presentations for the show and invite the neighbors. If composing a kid's show presentation sounds too challenging and older kids have school work, it's possible to write essay for money and get creative as you discuss how to approach things correctly based on some book or a subject that your kids would like to stage! 

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3. Leaf Slides Trick. 

The purpose here is to create a special slideshow from the leaves you can collect or picture outside. Once ready, think about creating an interesting story about all the features of the different leaves. It is also one of the best ways to make Biology lessons inspiring as you explain and explore concepts like photosynthesis. By assisting kids with the writing part of the slideshow, they will also get creative and address grammar and spelling skills. 

4. Chalk Clock Gym! 

This one is quite interesting as you can learn how to tell time by becoming an element of the human clock. The trick is to draw the clock with the chalk and position yourself inside the clock at different positions to tell the time. It will help your kids to practice stretching exercises and turn your backyard into the gym. This practice is often encountered at school playgrounds to teach kids about time, so why not practice it as well?

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5. Creation of a Water Wall! 

If you are up for something truly creative that will involve lots of splashing and giggles, you are in the right place! It is one of the best teamwork activities. You will need a wall to create water obstacles, water bottles or buckets, an old pipe, scissors, and a string (cable ties). Once you set up the pipe against the wall and let the water travel, think about using bottles from top to bottom to make water travel. Add buckets to catch the water at the end of the line, and then use it again! 

Technology Should Not Pose a Barrier! 

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As parents, we often encounter a situation when our youngsters are not wishing to get outside unless it is for the Nerf War or paintball activity. Still, it is hard to consider it as an educational activity! The way around it is to use technology as a way to learn anywhere. Let's take History lessons as an example. Starting from the Spartan way of life to the exploration of Ancient Rome, such activities for kids are always inspiring! They can dress up as warriors and organize a camp outside by using smartphones, and all that technology offers as a way to explore, take notes, seek ancient traditions, and bring it to life. As a parent, you can easily contribute to that, make corrections, join the fun, and keep things inspiring! 

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As a parent and educator, Olivia loves sharing helpful tips for the youngsters that help to turn any day out into an educational activity. She believes that one can learn anywhere. Follow Olivia to make your times of leisure fun and inspiring. 

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